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❝ still into you || michael & lindsay ❞

i wanted to express my immense amount of juggey feels as well as contribute to the fandom like ok hi please accept me

So tonight was eventful.

Went to dinner for a friend’s birthday, then we were gonna go bowling. But we had to stop at my friend’s house to switch cars cus one of my friends was running out of gas… And my other friend had some vodka in her car, so we went in there and I drank like half a bottle of vodka by myself with a little help. Then we went bowling and had to go back to that friend’s house and my friend that I originally rode with couldn’t find her keys, so we spent a little time freaking out and my other friend came out and let us back into her car. LO AND BEHOLD, KEYS WERE IN OTHER FRIEND’S CAR! It was insane, I never thought I would be in that situation hahaha. But I was surprisingly calm, I find myself being the calm one more often than not and it’s hilarious to me because I’m so dramatic and ridonk but okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I’m still pretty goOo0o0ne, just got home. I’m really tired, but I feel good. TOnight was really fun, this is like… this is summer, ahaha. Even tho it was stressful for like a second, these are the years for these stupid things to happen lol. 

I’ll sleep soon tho. And I’ll sleep for awhile, NO WORK TOMORROW WOOOOOOOOO! :D