~*~ dreams do come tru ~*~


Audio commentary of Season 3, and the end result in Season 10.

Im so happy for Taeils solo I cant even think straight

He has been through so much shit, hes so shy and insecure, I want him to enjoy this, to see him performing in shows and doing interviews and talking for himself so he may perhaps, finally start being acknowledged for having one of the best singing voices in his country

danksexual asked:

can you do "the signs as baby goat gifs"? or just goat gifs??? would be a dream come tru

Yeah I can do that! Do you all have suggestions for what type of goat behavior goes with each sign? Otherwise it will just be random, with capricorn getting the best one, of course.

I was tagged by subwaytiles here we go

name: rachel

date/time: 1:24 a.m. march 30

hours of sleep per night: six or less idk

birthday: october 1

gender: female

sexual orientation: straight

height: 5′1″

favorite color: maroon

one place that makes me happy: goodwill

how many blankets do I sleep under: one

favorite movie: I have a lot but let’s go with spirit: stallion of the cimarron  

what I’m wearing right now: tie-dye tee and leggings

last book you read: yes please by amy poehler

most used phrase(s): tru, tbh, same, disgusting

first word that comes to mind: hoe

last said to a family member: told mom I liked the nail polish she got me

favorite beverage: sweet tea

favorite food: cinnamon rolls

last movie I watched in theaters: interstellar maybe

dream vacation: iceland

dream wedding: elope

dream pet: cats are mandatory but also a very large dog

dream job: betty white

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priest and flower girl, u go rabu!!!!


Thanks Obamblr.

name: ashley

date/time: 12:37 am march 30th

hours of sleep per night: six-ish/ seven-ish

birthday: june 5

gender: female

sexual orientation: straight

height: 5′11″

favorite color: green/blue 

one place that makes me happy: nature

how many blankets do I sleep under: 3

favorite movie: princess diaries 2: the royal engagement 

what I’m wearing right now: comfy clothes

last book you read: yes please by amy poehler (ME TOO RACHEL, well i’m reading it)

most used phrase(s): tru 

first word that comes to mind: potentially (bae just said it idk)

last said to a family member: i told my mom i loved her

favorite beverage: lemonade probably 

favorite food: ice cream 

last movie I watched in theaters: before sunrise! 

dream vacation: italy so i can cry at the base of all bernini’s sculptures 

dream wedding: in a forest 

dream pet: a small herd of various animals, i am not picky at all nor would i discriminate 

dream job: being paid to be myself 



its harder to debut in america since you truly need to be extremely multitalented or gorgeous but in kpop if you train hard and show dedication you might not be that pretty but a great rapper, or you cant sing but you could be a model and have other ppl in your group do roles u cant.

pengu1nfinity asked:

does kodoku, your oc, count?


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: scarab or nobody ( do ppl even know who scarab is. i Dont talk abt him much)

general opinions: kodoku is MY SON even tho im like. around his age. hes kind of a self-insert (emphasis on the Kind of) and its painful to think abt but i lov him and he is my Friend

tag ten people you want to get to know better.
tagged by: luke-bieber
name: veronica
time and date of current moment: 10:25 pm on march 22nd, 2015
average hours of sleep: like 4-6 everyday idk
thing i googled: idk
nicknames: vero
birthday: december 29th
gender: female
height: 5′2
favorite color: black or red or blue it depends
one place that makes me happy: my room i guess
how many blankets do i sleep under:
favorite movie: hahaahahahahhhahaha
what am i wearing right now: a black tshirt and sweatpants
last book i read: i read tfios again sjkffjkd
most used phrase(s):  tru, omg, nice and wtf
first word(s) that come to mind: puppy
favorite fictional character: hahahahaahshahahah
last movie i watched at the movies: big hero 6
dream vacation: out of this ugly city
dream wedding: :///////////
dream job: ://///////
people i tag: whoever wants to do this :)))

i keep having very similar dreams the last week straight and i literally need them to come tru. often when i dream [it’s rare that i do] they are prophetic. so lets hope cuz a cipotx needs this.