This dressing is so … Minimalist … 😂😂

Lace dress

Walk walk fashion baby …

Do you often read ?! 🌞

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Why does Batman have a rifle in the trailer? I thought he hated guns?

It’s referencing the comic that this Batman is based on, The Dark Knight Returns.

It doesn’t fire bullets, it fires a tight rope.


Sometimes random ideas result in… stuff like this.

It was more or less an idea I came up with while drawing the… 8th (?) outfit for the wardrobe of my RP!Ivan. And there also was one outfit with him wearing a tight-fit shirt like this… my favorite of the 8 outfits to be honest TT///.///TT
And then I was like “Ok, he looks hot in those but… how the hell will he get out of them again??” My girlfriend contributed the outlines for the chibi-Gilbert in the colored picture :D
And I used this photo as reference for Ivan’s pose.

Maru-MA | Kyou Kara Maou! Official Art
by Temari Matsumoto

Wolfram in his best clothes, all the flowers, this is my dreamed wedding pic T_T 

And it is a royal wedding pic, it’s related to the Drama CD 70,  Maou Heika and his Fiance’s “Sleep Tight”. That drama CD is also related to Hajimari no Tabi Wolfram’s ending. In both stories they talk about a possible wedding.

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Can you tell me some of the songs Kylie has in her snapchats?

King Kutra by Kendrick Lemar
Treat Me Like Somebody by Tink
Future by Trap Niggas
Talking Body by Tove Lo (The Youngest Professionals Remix)
Kylie Jenner Freak by LiveLikeDavis
Take Ya Tights Off by Problem x J

It was careful at first, a soft hesitation; Arthur breathed in against the kiss and let Merlin pursue it. Then Merlin made a soft noise and Arthur found he could not slow for gentleness; he gripped Merlin tight, manhandling him toward the bed and down onto it, kissing him, pushing him back amongst the pillows, the dark reds and worn ivory. It was as though a fire had been lit inside Arthur’s head; he wanted everything at once โ€” the bare column of Merlin’s throat, his capable fingers, his narrow hips, and things Arthur had only imagined.

Merlin was kissing him still with lips barely parted, brief, keen, breathless kisses that made Arthur’s head swim with how much more he could have โ€” he wanted the taste of Merlin, wanted his mouth, his tongue, wanted the texture of every word Merlin had ever spoken to him.