To me, the most under-the-radar hero of The 100 is Raven Reyes. Tenacious Raven is the secret weapon of the Sky People, a mastermind, and the smartest mechanic to emerge from the sky since Kaylee Frye.

Ravens serve as messengers. They are also symbols of freedom, and a link between Heaven and Earth – able to roam the land and soar through the sky. This particular Raven flew from the Ark down to the ground, with a message from Abby. I’d pick her first too.


TV Analysis and Review: The 100, Seasons 1-2

Sometimes you have to highlight important and non-controversial sections of your work, because the response and focus thus far has primarily been on other specific paragraphs, topics, relationships and characters. And Raven deserves just as much attention, if not more. :)

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whats ur tattoo of?

My mom has an autoimmune disease (for about 15 years now) and she almost died and my tattoo is the symbol of the foundation that did research to help save her life

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Am I the only one that sees black men as low-key feminists when it comes to ww? For example Kim's nude photoshoot they were defending her saying its her right as a woman to show off her body meanwhile Nicki gets seen as a whore for her anaconda cover

::Long response:: You and I are on the same page. I’ve mentioned this on so many occasions I lost count. I’m annoyed on how we try to mask misogynoir and sexism in the black community when it’s directed towards black women, but become full on feminists when it comes to other races of women for the same thing. 

That’s because black women are viewed as inferior, dirty and unclean by our own community as well. This is the same way whites view black women. This is why these double standards exist in and outside of our community. White women are seen as symbol of purity just based on their image alone. Though non-black women aren’t white, they’re still given the leniency black women are not because they share similar characteristics and traits (hair, features, etc) we associate with white female purity. Black men have no problem projecting misogyny and sexism on black women because they think lowly of us similar to how whites think of us.

Notice when black women bring up the misogynistic things we experience, we get sad lectures about the women across seas in the middle east, and how we need to see that as a reason to stop complaining? Or how white women had it bad under the evil white man back in the day but bash black feminists who’ve existed since the civil rights era accusing us for joining up with those same white women in white supremacy? Come on now.

I mentioned how black men, and some black women too (especially the male identified one’s) defend white and non-black women against sexism and almost jump aboard the feminist train, when it comes to the same things black women like me and others complain about within our own community. They tell us to “shut up” or “If you’re not a hoe, bitch or thot, then you shouldn’t be getting offended” or “Oh please I call everyone a hoe or a bitch including men” when they know damn well they don’t. When black women bring up sexism and misogynoir by using examples like Nicki Minaj or just random examples we’re told to shut up and stop complaining and they continue to look down on black women who fall into their misogynoir/sexist beliefs.

I remember being on a forum where the story about some celebrity saying Adele was fat and needed to lose weight because of mainstream, I think that celebrity was Jennifer Hudson (ironically) and black people were like “She doesn’t have to lose a pound, she’s talented, she can sing, she has won awards”, blah blah blah. Going on about how it was sexist that Jennifer Hudson would say that she needed to conform, blah blah blah and some other hypocritical crap. But on every black forum I can think of there is a least one Gabourey Sidbibe thread a day mocking her, ignoring her talent, character and success because they think so low of her.

They accuse black women of breaking up the black family for becoming working women, and saying how educated career minded black women are a detriment to the black community or black male because we’re not feminine or submissive enough and are trying to outdo black men.

I’ve addressed how black people along with racist whites, are accepting of white female/non-black female sexuality, unless the non-black woman looks kind of black, opposed to black women in which they created an entire culture with a dictionary of words shaming black women. I remember when the hacker posted those celebrity pics and black people were talking about how sexy whats her name looked, and no one called her THOT or a WHORE or none of that. A black woman can just be wearing a certain outfit and they’ll be like “Who is this THOT” or “She looks nasty” all kinds of sexist and misogynoir labels. Notice no one came to Jill Scott’s defense when someone leaked her pictures. Black people were on line with ignorant whites mocking her and putting her down.

Feminism is only bad if it’s in the possession of black women. Sexism and misogyny is okay as long as it’s directed towards black women. You know we’re not considered human beings.

Spitfire AB910, built in 1941, she is painted in the colours of the Polish 303 Squadron; the Donald Duck symbol is the personal logo of Squadron Leader Jan Zumbach

  • Symbol: The Twin
  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Season: The developing of the seeds
  • Archetype: The Intellectual, the merchant
  • Shadow: The cynical mocker
  • Strength: Curiosity and joy of communicating
  • Weakness: Icecold rationality
  • Motto: I think!
  • Goal: Knowledge and variety
  • Life purpose: Telling truth and lie apart through constant questioning
  • Traits: thinker, planner, concentrated, rational, negotiating, critical, scruitinizing, quick, clever, changeable, shallow, factual, critical, logical, intellectual, precise, analysing, quick, witty, cynical. lively, easygoing, curious, charming, entertaining, sociable, fair, shallow, fickle, rational, distracted, youthful, trivial
  • All Zodiac Signs

This batty was surprisingly difficult. The thin minky is not the easiest to work with. And putting batting in the wings and ears wasn’t a walk in the park either. But the all galaxy bat is done. And it has a cute pyrite fang necklace. Which, according to the package, is a symbol of money, good luck, and a shield from negative forces.

Perfect :)


Feather-set’s Language-Learning Charm

This charm is meant to help you learn a language faster, better, and for longer. Wear it with you when you study the language you want to learn and you’ll retain and be able to access a lot more.

What you’ll need:

  • A key ring
  • A key
  • A bell 
  • Item(s) to represent mouth/tongue (mine are the jaw and vanilla bean [for a tongue])
  • Item(s) to represent language 

Craft a charm using the items you have gathered. Make sure that the key ring is big enough for all of the items you have. When you’re studying or surrounded in the language you want to learn, wear this charm on you. When practicing, hold the charm to your mouth and speak into it. 

BONUS: Add another item to the ring that symbolizes the language you most want to learn (be sure to remove it if you want to learn a language other than that one). Here’s mine for Swedish!