Complicated? is the first UK wide research report to focus specifically on bisexual people’s experiences of accessing services. The report reveals some very shocking statistics and personal stories. But it also highlights examples of good practice and ideas for services about how they can be more inclusive for bisexual people.

 Some of the key findings of the report are:

  • Bisexual people are highly unlikely to share their sexual orientation with services, most commonly because of fear of negative reactions.
  • 66% feel that they have to pass as straight and 42% feel they need to pass as gay or lesbian when accessing services.
  • 48% have experienced biphobic comments and 38% have experienced unwanted sexual comments about them being bisexual while accessing services.
  • The highest amounts of biphobia experienced are within LGBT services and NHS (National Health Service) services.
  • 61% have experienced multiple discrimination. 35% said that they are disabled.

One respondent said “A nurse refused to treat me due to being bisexual. My mother overheard him saying to the senior nurse, ‘I refuse to treat her, she’s not normal and just a greedy b***h, she needs to decide what gender she loves, it’s unnatural to love both’.” Another said that while attending LGBT services they had “heard lots of negative comments about bisexual people and dismissal of the need to include bisexual people.”

How to make services more inclusive of bisexual people:

The respondents called for mainstream and LGBT services to work with bisexual people to take action on improving bisexual inclusion. The report identified good practice examples and contains a bisexual inclusion roadmap for services. This roadmap can be found be found on pages 8 and 9:

Should you wish to explore how your service can be more inclusive of bisexual people please contact sam@equality-network.org.

We would like to thank all the respondents and contributors for taking the time to express their experiences and ideas for better bisexual inclusion. We would also like to thank the authors of The Bisexuality Report for inspiring and supporting this work.

We hope that you find the report helpful. Download the report now or request a hard or large print copy by emailing lynne@equality-network.org.

Sam Rankin, Intersectional Coordinator May 2015


niallhoran: What a great show fleetwood Mac put on tonight , Steve nicks I love you!


niallhoran: That voice !

  • tumblr:like this thing
  • me:nah im not gonna like it
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700 is after naruto gaiden?

ok so i was re reading both naruto gaiden and chapter 700 and well

from the flashback - 


Now think, in chapter 700 its pretty much confirmed naruto just turned into a hokage recently due to these panels 

I’m pretty sure the translator mistook seventh for sixth???

‘ALREADY’ …theyre talking about it as its a recent event… 

now, we all know naruto has children at the end of the Last which is a flash forward

but he’s not hokage at the time 

now since naruto is hokage is the flash forward, which is when Bolt is about 8-9, does this mean Sasuke was with Sarada?

but then this? she really does look pregnant,unless she had a child and it died or had a tragic death/kidnap in which activated Sarada’s sharingan (since kishi drew her very young with sharingan?) 

that means she would be pregs here 

 could the second uchiha baby be the surprise that is said to come out in July for the Boruto Movie?

but holding off that, boruto has the same outfit from naruto gaiden, 700 to the Boruto 




forever young like his mother

also i want to point out that the Last could be a mistake by SP with the ages because 

kishi’s sketch - he looks 3?  SP - same outfit but..older?

if Boruto was suppose to be 3, naruto becoming hokage,lets say when he was 4, sasuke leaving when sarada was 4, would explain why she wouldnt really remember him

ALso  sasukes hair..

700- both sides of the fringe are shorter  and hair is long


both long fringes and slightly shorter hair?

CAN i also put the theory of sarada losing her memory around age 9-11 would be wrong as not even her best friend knows who sasuke is

But yeah, either the timeline is horribly messed up or 700 is after gaiden…? it would make more sense..?

I honestly don’t get why people are butthurt over team 7 in Gaiden and the possible team 7 reunion in the upcoming chapters. Can someone explain to me how Hinata is relevant enough to warrant her being included as opposed to team 7? Can someone tell me how the NH family is relevant to SSS and the new threat of sharingan users? The NH family will get attention in the Bolt Movie. Gaiden is for Sarada and Sasuke especially. 

Regardless, team 7 is comprised of the main characters and it is the most important bond(s). Add in that this has to do with Sasuke and it’s guaranteed that Sakura and Naruto (team 7) will be involved. Power wise as well Hinata is not in the same tier as Team 7 and the kage. She also has nothing to do with SSS and the Uchiha so she really can’t be involved in this. Wanting to see NH and Hinata is fine but trying to shoehorn them into a Team 7, SSS, Uchiha plot is another. Kishi always focused on team 7 anyway so what’s the issue? 

low-key obsessed with the naruto stage play actors especially these two cuties (they are perfect for my fave characters ;u; huhuhu)

dedicated to narutostaph onemerryjester and everyone else who also wishes to see them in a selfie…….i feel your pain