rainy day tea playlist
  1. human- gabrielle aplin
  2. amnesia- 5 seconds of summer
  3. paper hearts- tori kelly
  4. last love song- ZZ ward
  5. say something- a great big world
  6. all of the stars- ed sheeran
  7. the power of love- gabrielle aplin
  8. oblivion- bastille
  9. skinny love- birdy
  10. yellow- coldplay

(this is my first time making a playlist and linking words so enjoy:)


Check out ZZ Ward’s music video for “Last Love Song” - featuring scenes of one of PLL’s most beloved (and possibly doomed) couple - Aria & Ezra! This song will reportedly be used in a promo for Season 5. 

Warning: There’s a good chance this will make you cry hysterically. You will then reach for a pint of ice cream - or a bottle of wine. 

Lil Darlin (Feat. The O'Mys)
  • Lil Darlin (Feat. The O'Mys)
  • ZZ Ward
  • Til The Casket Drops

Baby, when you want me, when you crave me, when you need it
If you ain’t got the time to save me when I’m falling, then just beat it 
'Cause, boy, I can't be your medicine, your ritalin when you're feening, 
If you won’t be my knight in shining when I’m crying, when I’m screaming…