Zype Playlists

Use Zype playlists to create collections of videos group together for playback in a specific order. Playlists can be used inside the player or pulled from the API for inclusion as content.

In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Search / filter existing playlists
  • Create and edit playlist titles, descriptions, and visibility
  • Manage videos (add, remove, organize)
  • Add categories to segment groups of playlists

In our upcoming walk-through series we’ll be exploring “Magic Playlists” which are collections created dynamically based on categories, metadata or metrics such as a most popular list.

For more information about the Zype platform, go here.

Available Now on the Amazon Marketplace

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work servicing clients like YuGiOh! and other large-scale digital video providers, many with over 1,000 films in their content libraries.

But today, we’re proud to announce that both hobbyist and semi-professional content producers may now create their own Roku channel or fully-branded video destination platform, courtesy of Zype and Amazon Marketplace.

Benefits of creating your own Roku Channel

  • Easily manage the video content and metadata of your branded Roku channel through the Zype Dashboard for Publishers.

  • Robust analytics and intelligence dashboards provide complete metrics of the performance of your video content, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

  • Start earning additional revenue immediately by leveraging built-in monetization tools for advertising and subscriptions

To learn more about creating your own Roku channel, get in touch.

Benefits of a custom online video platform

  • Zype’s player provides a consistent experience with support for web, tablet and mobile devices.

  • Easily upload bulk video content and use our recommended transcoding presets or customize your own configurations.

  • Custom metadata objects allows additional content and information to be stored and retrieved through a robust set of APIs.

To learn more about building your own destination site for fans, go here.


Check it out guys! Yoyoexpert proudly presents Toxic Strings ZYPE!

This is my new signature based string that has been worked on for over the past 11 months! Over six different prototypes had to be tested until we could get to this finalized version.

Current color is a Green with blue highlight and also a mysterious white thread inside too.

This string is specifically designed as a balanced string for my 1A and Moebius styles of play. It has a mild stiff like texture but also a smooth like glide similar to soft poly strings out there making it be a very unique string to use! Its amazing for slack like tricks and suicides!

So grab some while you can!

Believe in the ZYPE.