This one took FO’ EVER. Whoever designed that costume is crazy.

This is probably my favorite totalitarian dystopia work if for no other reason because it focuses on the inane details and ridiculous mistakes made by huge bureaucracies which reads more true to me than 1984’s 100% perfectly run authoritarian state. That’s not to say they weren’t good at ruling the populace with an iron fist, it’s just that you don’t build something that big without a lot of stupid rules and horrible redundancies popping up. I’m sure a few of you have worked for big, successful companies. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

Anyway, I got a couple of queries after i posted the Starship Troopers poster so I thought I’d clarify- all of the movie posters are available as prints even if I haven’t updated the store yet. They’re all HERE.

"Stay still. This won’t hurt a bit."

Species: Divina
Rarity: ★★★★★
Attack: 4501/12761
Defense: 5050/14500
Housing space: 39
Skill: Return to Zero
Skill info: Greatly increases Divina Defense. High trigger rate.
How to Acquire:

  • Defeat Cancer [Fallen] which level is more than 21 and she may appear randomly. Players who participate in the battle will be given a chance to obtain her.
  • If you already own Cancer, you can defeat her again to have a chance to obtain her magatama. 
  • Additionally, by defeating lvl 51, 61, 71, 81 and 100 Cancer [Fallen], you’ll get Cancer magatama.

One of twelve celestial spirits who rule over the world of constellations. Known to possess the ability to sever any and all relationships, she lives a lonely existence because others avoid her. And with good reason, too, for a number of relationships have been torn apart by her power. Those victims, it is said, felt no pain during the act, and left with no memory of it afterwards.

"If a player repeats something, it’s fun," said Zynga’s Mark Skaggs in 2010. At DICE that year, Jesse Schell now-infamously made a doomsday prophecy about players desiring rewards for every behavior, a consequence of a design trend that favored Skinner Box mechanics, where users receive gratification, then are forced to wait a requisite amount of time before doing it again.

By the time 2010’s Game Developers Conference came around, the spiritual anxiety around social games was palpable. Ian Bogost released Cow Clicker, a satire of hollow social game mechanics that, to his consternation, became his most popular work.

In “Fear and loathing in FarmVille,” Soren Johnson  delineated the tension: Veteran designers took center stage, excited about a new frontier for games, joining burgeoning social game companies like Zynga and Playdom. Meanwhile, a moral disgust for Zynga and its model for Facebook games radiated from the gaming world’s corners.

It seems hard to believe that only two years later the roar of battle has all but died.

On the boom and bust of Facebook games.

Christy Marx wrote stories that shaped a million childhoods, but you’ve probably never heard of her.

Any child of the ’80s or ’90s has almost certainly heard of the cartoons she worked on, however: between Jem and the Holograms, G.I. Joe, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends, Mighty Max, ReBoot and a dozen others, Marx’s writing helped glue a generation of kids to its television sets on Saturday mornings.

How free-to-play game developers use every psychological trick in the book to empty your bank account

To call companies like King, the creator of Candy Crush Saga and Zynga “game companies” is misleading, because they’re not making games, they’re making money. They take simple game ideas and use a whole book full of psychological trickery and fuckery to get you to fork out money bit by bit. Want more power-ups? Want to get to the next level? Want your crops to grow faster or your buildings to finish quicker? Money money money. These companies aren’t “game companies” as much as they’re dealers of digital crack and they know it, but they could care less.

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Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft for Zynga. Mattrick’s latest creation, Xbox One, offers a personalized program screen, as well as the ability to let users Skype with friends while watching TV and get live stats from their fantasy football team during NFL broadcasts. Users can switch seamlessly between gaming and web surfing, and in perhaps the purest expression of this marriage of gaming, tech, and entertainment pop, Mattrick’s pal Spielberg has signed on to produce a TV series based on the Halo video-game franchise, exclusively for the Xbox One.

Zynga has published a post on their blog that provides an overview of their partnership with The Killers and (RED).

Zynga is currently streaming ‘Joel The Lump of Coal’ through their app ‘FarmVille 2: Country Escape’ for players to listen to for free for a limited time.