I read `The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and `The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in junior high school, which was 40 years ago.  I hardly remember anything about these, except for the two boys’ mischief and cleverness. Nowadays, though, it’s just pithy quotes from Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) that wend their way on my Timelines.

Mark Twain, Colorized


Historical Photos Colorized And Brought Back To Life 

a series of historical photographs that have been brilliantly brought back to life in colour by Tumblr user Zuzahin. Their colorised photoshopped images are interpretations based solely on the drawings, fashion and art at the time. But they give us a closer connection to our past and serve as proof that not everything about our history is always black and white.

4 veterans of the Confederate Forces of the American Civil War in 1922. it appears 3 of them are officers and 1 of them is a soldier. I guessed infantry off of the light shade of cuff links and neck decorations, but I could be wrong here. Either way, the sheer amount of amazing things these guys have been through and witnessed, it’s baffling. 

Ulysses S. Grant in Mathew Brady’s studio sometime before his presidency,  wearing his 4-star shoulderboard with the rank of General of the Army, definitively making this after the Civil War ended. You can see a wide range of props used in Mathew Brady’s studio, including a moveable backdrop that extends way beyond the curtain (also moveable I assume), together with an actual lamp in the ceiling, and probably many other things out of frame.

Joseph ‘Joe’ Lesniewski, a Private in the Easy Company.

Easy Company was the foundation of the book ‘We Who Are Alive and Remain: untold stories from the Band of Brothers’, the book that would later go on to become the HBO Miniseries ‘Band of Brothers’.

Journalist Marcus Brotherton is credited with gathering the 20 Easy Company veterans’ stories for the book, and all 20, but Norman Neitzke, survived to see the book published in 2009.

If you haven’t watched this mini-series yet, I urge you very strongly to do it. Other great mini-series are ‘The Pacific’ which is also from World War II, but instead involves the Pacific Theater, and ‘Generation Kill’ which details the Invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Eisenstaedt himself is quoted as saying ‘He stared at me with hate in his eyes’, despite the events following up to this. Eisenstaedt had photographed Goebbels sitting on his own outside in the courtyard, had approached him and taken this photograph of him with a warm smile, and then moments later was confronted with this, when Goebbels had learned of Eisenstaedts ‘true identity’. 



For those of you who want to know how I do it when I colorize with Soft Light, I won’t be sharing everything about Color mode, but this is a very very good start, and it should lend incredible results. :)

Martin Luther King meeting with President John F. Kennedy & Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (cut off directly to Kennedy’s right) in the Oval Office sometime during the Civil Rights movement.

This image is for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, comissioned by NPR.org - it’ll be live on their website sometime this week. :)

Buzz Aldrin, ca. 1963, as Commandant of the Air Force Test Pilot School. The date is slightly disputed, but it’s overall around the time he was selected to be an astronaut in the Gemini program, and around the time of his promotion to Commandant of the school. Another thing to note is that every single ribbon has been painstakingly confirmed to be correct