Navita ==> Get off your lazy butt and go propose

Navita finished writing out the note and took a deep breath, glancing towards the water below… He’d found the weighted message in a bottle he normally left for his friend, Zupell, but… Today he felt it needed to be more personal…

Stripping himself of everything but his boxers, Navita slid the note into his pocket before turning to the water, climbing up onto the edge of his boat. He swallowed nervously before taking a second deep breath and coiling himself up before jumping off the side of his boat and diving into the water.

At first, he simply let himself sink, letting gravity do most of the work. He frowned only for a moment when pressure built up in his ears. He waited until he was used to it before opening his eyes, the glow of his red and blue beauties lighting up the water around him. He looked around for a moment before finding the rope that was attached to his bottle.

Wrapping his fingers loosely around it so they would simply slide down, he followed the line further down, the water slowly becoming darker… He soon reached where the rope was tied, just outside the front door of one Zupell Boeoti. Navita slowly swam up to her window and knocked as best as he could, his blue and red eyes clearly visible through the dark water.

When he was sure he had her attention, he slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the note, holding it against her window.



==> Return home.

Feeling like a fool after you’d kissed your ex-matesprit you’d ran off like a batbeast out of a cave. You weren’t sure who you hated more, yourself or her; Zupell for betraying you, or yourself for betraying yourself and kissing your killer. Once you get home you give a sigh of relife, its a sight for sore eyes, maybe you were a little hivesick.

==>Go inside

You dismount your lusus and tie his leash up to its old post. You enter your old hive like a stranger, cautious weary of possible intruders. All of your things are there, just as you left it. You walk over to your old computer and blow off the dust.

"So much dust…"

  • -- libralHound [LH] began trolling ductileLuminosity [DL] at 22:15 --
  • LH:Wow thAt wAs stupid...
  • LH:I wonderrr how long it will lAst this time
  • LH:AnywAy you werrre sAying something ABout my furrrrrry Butt
  • LH:No.
  • LH:I do not hAve A furrrrrry Butt!
  • LH:Do you hAve A fish tAil?
  • LH:No it doesn't count
  • LH:Tell me do you like to sing underrr the seA?
  • LH:Too BAd you don't sing, I Bet it would Be nice.
  • LH:Well therrre is A firrrst time forrr everrrything.
  • DL:...What...abo-o-out...yo-o-ou?...Do-o-o...yo-o-ou...sing...
  • LH:I don't sing, thAts sirrrens like you to Be doing hAhA.
  • LH:And thAt would Be?
  • LH:I'd sAy test it out on me, But it wouldn't And wont worrrk on me~
  • LH:I don't like the wAterrr much
  • LH:I cAn swim And All thAt But...
  • LH:I cAn't smell Anything therrre But seA wAterrr
  • LH:YeAh I dont hAve gills And All thAt strrrAnge slimy seA stuff
  • DL:...Hey!!!...It'
  • LH:HAhA its okAy, I don't ActuAlly mind it AnywAy
  • DL:...Heh...Yo-o-ou'
  • LH:If I mAke A good dogfish then you'd Be the most splended sushi.
  • -hiddleslaugh-
  • LH:Do you wAnt to find out?
  • DL:.........What!!!.........
  • LH:AhAhAhAhAhAhA
  • LH:I'm joking.
  • DL:...Silly...hushpuppy...
  • LH::|
  • LH:You just did thAt
  • DL:...Yes...I...did...

When Zupell was little she tried hanging out with younger highblooded kids. Her hue still toppling over theirs most of the time, she never acted elegant or polite like the crowd she hung around. One day they tried to make her look like a proper “Heiress” and dressed her up, did her hair and make up to make her look royal.

When they were done Zupell started crying because she looked nothing like herself and didn’t feel like herself at all. She started sobbing because the other children put the fear in her head that she’d grow up to be something completely different from what she was and wanted to be. So she never wants to take the throne. Plus make up is itchy and uncomfortable.