Week 1

I’m down to 6 pounds already. I’m really proud of myself.
1 week of eating 3 healthy meals per day & working out.

I already feel a difference. It amazes me how much in just one week, there’s a lot of thing that change. I’m not even struggling. I don’t wanna eat fast food.

I’m currently at a friend’s house and everyone’s eating pizza, MCdo and chips and I’m just there “resisting”.

& of course I feel so much more confident. I can now walk up the stairs and I’m not breathless as I used to be !

Seriously I’m motivated as f#ck.

& I hope someone out there will read this and will get motivated because of what I wrote. Working out is a lifestyle. You gain so much in terms of loving yourself and being healthy and being able to do things you never thought you would be able to do.

I spent a good deal of time this morning looking for some “before” photos of myself for the Zumba Facebook page I’m setting up.

There’s this temptation of needing to prove that Zumba works…to show a big transformation and say “Look how disgusting and flabby I was before! And now look how amazing and in shape I am!!! All thanks to Zumba!” As if, without that kind of photographic evidence, I can’t convince people to try Zumba.

But honestly, my weight fluctuates so much that it’s impossible to find a true “before” picture. And I can tell you right now that I’m 10lbs heavier than that “after” picture up there. :P

I may never be a real “after.” I may spend all my time in between these two pictures. But that’s ok because you know what? The change that Zumba made in my life is almost more internal than external. Zumba has changed the way I think about my body and about exercise. It has increased my confidence, my energy and my stamina. It’s improved my body image. It’s forced me out of my comfort zone and made me look my insecurities right in the face and not back down. I can tell you that the girl in those first pictures had ZERO confidence and didn’t want to be noticed at all, let alone stand at the front of a classroom screaming “SHAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” haha

That’s why I recommend Zumba with pride. That’s why I believe it’s successful.

Zumba is special to me not because it helped that girl in the “before” lose a few pounds, but because it lured her off the couch and tricked her into loving and craving exercise!


This is the best “before” picture that I could find at my highest weight when I turned 21 (now 22). I was 170-172 pounds at only 5’7” and completely oblivious as to how I looked at the time. The picture on the right is me today - a happier, healthier version weighing 140 pounds! My weight loss journey has been long, but worth it.

I got my gym membership a year ago and started attending zumba class (changed my life). The majority of my weight loss happened in the first 3 months, but it has taken me a whole year to lose all 30 lbs. I still would like to lose 5 more so that I can see more definition, but the # on the scale isn’t as important as how I look and feel.

I have one cheat day (Saturdays) and I’ve incorporated weight training and running into my fitness routine. I hope this motivates somebody out there! This was not an overnight process and it shows that slower weight loss truly will stay off if done correctly. Contact me if you have any questions. I’d love to help. xoxo


Follow for lots more before and after weight loss, diet, healthy, recovery, etc photos!

Today is my 2 year anniversary as a Zumba instructor!

Now that there’s no ounce of regret or fear left in me, I sometimes forget how terrified I was to do this and how close I was to saying “I can’t. It’s too scary.” Thank you guys for giving me the kick in the pants I needed. Thank you for not letting me give up on this dream!! :)


This song made its debut at Zumba tonight and it was awesome! How can you not get up and move to this awesome musical collaboration.

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

I ordered some business cards! I’ve been thinking about doing it ever since Convention, when a lot of people I met had them to hand out. I finally decided to do it now that I have a Facebook page I can link people to.

I am SOOOO pleased with how they turned out. I thought it would be really expensive to get cards I was happy with (part of the reason I put it off) but these were just $20 for 500 on Vista Print!

I want to have these cards when I teach (especially when I sub) so people can easily find more info about my classes without having to commit it to memory. I didn’t print my current schedule on the cards because it could change and I’d be left with a bunch of incorrect cards, but the back is blank white so I could always write it down for people if they seem like they don’t want to get online to look. :)

Still a Work in Progress

evictingfat submitted:

Left is me at my highest weight of about 250 in 2011 and the right is me August of last year at about 203 lbs (I had lost down to 174 but gained back to 239 last year when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter). I’m currently 5’7 211 lbs after falling off the wagon for a few months.

I decided to create a blog to help keep me motivated again! I’ve been doing cardio, Zumba, eating healthy, trying to get my fluids down, and trying to stay away from eating out in the New Year. My goal is to make 2015 my year and finally get down to between 140-150 lbs! So far I’m down 3.8 lbs this year. Follow me! I follow back! Lets keep each other on track this year!

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