"I don’t need luck…

… but I guess sometimes it finds me anyways”

Zuki Week - Day Six: Luck

And we’re back with Gladiator! Which is why Zuzu’s hair is so friggin’ weird, of course xD.

We all are familiar with Zuko’s phrase about not needing any luck, but finding his soul mate sure makes him think he got lucky at last. If luck comes to him in this form, he sure is going to welcome it. Suki hasn’t been too lucky during the past months… but things are looking up now thanks to the Prince beside her. So from here on, their luck is going to improve a lot so long as they stay together :D

Does this count as a spoiler…? I’m pretty sure you all could envision stuff like this happening after chapter 76, though xD

And yeah, they’re so busy looking at each other that they haven’t noticed there’s a string between them, ehehehehe… >:3

I hope you guys like it! :D

Zutara Week 2014: Slow Dance

Flower petals were still floating on the wind, and all Zuko could think about was how much trouble it would be to clean them up. It had been his mother’s idea for the spectators to throw them from the windows during the wedding processional. It made a beautiful sight during the ceremony, but now, late into the evening, they were still around. At least they made the air smell nice.

"Stop brooding, it’s our wedding," Katara said, placing her hand lightly over his.

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Length: ~1000 words

Summary: After the death of the Avatar during Sozin’s Comet, Zuko and Katara find themselves struggling to survive and doing what they must in order to do so. Written to Lord Huron’s song “Lullaby”. 

Rated: T for some blood and implied violence.

Katara sits up on one elbow from her pallet on the floor when the door creaks open. With one hand, she draws water from her waterskin, and with the other, she grips a dagger by her thigh. Thin streams of silvery moonlight slip through the cracked door and as the gap widens, she sees the silhouette of a man. Her grip tightens and then relaxes as he trudges in, and she recognizes the outline of his shoulders and hips.

Zuko’s head hangs forward as he wearily closes the door behind him and leans against it. His shoulders slump and his breathing is labored. She sits up fully, allowing her loose shirt to slip open further and expose her shoulders to the cool night air. Katara shivers against the chill but doesn’t bother to hitch up her sleeping shirt.

“Zuko,” she says softly into the darkness, and he grunts in reply.

With a sigh, the firebender pushes himself away from the door and throws a sack into the corner. It hits the ground with a heavy thud and something white spills out. Rice. Her stomach growls in hunger at the sight of food, and she becomes aware again of the thinness of her arms and legs. Tomorrow they will eat for the first time in two days.

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So I realized something today
In all the other Agni Kai’s, the music is upbeat and kinda like ‘I can’t wait to see who is going to win’ kind of music
But in Azula and Zuko’s Agni Kai, the music sounds sad. Almost like the music is saying ‘they are brother and sister. They shouldn’t be fighting’