"Perfect Spot"
Prints of this painting are available at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-ellie-taylor.html
This picture was created for a lesson on perspective at http://www.zujava.com/perspective-the-great-illusion
This painting was created in SketchBook Pro on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet.


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"Watering at the Cement Tub"
This painting was an acrylic on canvas that I painted in 2011.  The original is sold, but I used it as an example of an L-shaped composition in my article at http://www.zujava.com/understanding-composition  Prints of this painting are available at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-ellie-taylor.html  The arrow is not on the prints version, that was only for the zujava article

(via Housecats and Yard Cats)


August 17th (Saturday) is Black Cat Appreciation Day.  

Why do black cats need their own special day?  Probably because black animals in general, and black cats in particular, have a much lower adoption rate from shelters than do those with most other coat colors.

My furbaby, pictured here, is an awful special kitty, and as you can see, he’s black.  He’s also quite spoiled … hmmmm…    Not sure whose fault that could possibly be…

He’s the third black cat I’ve had in my lifetime.  I have  fond memories of the other two, both of who lived long lives and were wonderful, loving companions.

(via Seahorse Bath Accessories)
Why a Seahorse theme is perfect for your bath, no matter what your favorite home decor color is.
And there’s more …
For example, did you know that the The slowest swimming fish in all ofthe world’s oceans is the Dwarf Seahorse? It’s a species found in the waters of the United States and The Bahamas.
That’s one of the seahorse facts from the page linked above.