Maft Sai (Zudrangma Records): Maft Sai is one of the most well known music enthusiast in the world. A collector and selector for over a decade, he is perhaps best known for establishing Zudrangma, a record label and record store based in Bangkok, Thailand. Specializing in, but not limited to, Thai Funk, Luk Thung and Molam Music, Zudrangma has become a must-go for any music enthusiast. As described in his website (, Maft Sai spins a “… mixutre of Roots Luk Thung/ Molam to Reggae, West African, Ethiopian, Far Eastern Psyche and underground sounds from around the world.” This will be the most eclectic Cliff Notes yet, be sure to make your way to the event.

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This video features music from WFMU’s ‪#NewRekkid‬ of the Day: THEPPABUTR PRODUCTIONS (ZudRangMa), More great Molam Sound 72-75 Thai electric grooves


#ParadiseBangkok is now playing! #ZudRangMa (at มงคลชาแนล สตูดิโอ RCA)