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hey this is creepy as fuck, but I read those tags you put on the post about derek having a nice day and I saw you mentioned something about "everyone is nice to Clint Barton" fic and I need that sort of thing in my life. Would you do me a solid and link me? kthnx. also I love your blog ok

okay it took me a while to find it because i haven’t read clintcoulson in ages, but here is the link to the be nice to clint barton collection on AO3. hopefully that does the trick! and i’m publishing this publicly incase anyone else wanted this wonderful collection of works :)

also it’s not creepy at all! and thanks! i’m not on here as often now that i’m back as work, but i’m still trying to have some good stuff on here :) and i love talking to my followers so thanks for sending a message!!


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I’m doing good! It’s just part midnight and I should be sleeping right now, but I ate a shit ton of chocolate covered raisins and am never gonna sleep ever agauin


I’m eating chocolate too~ See we have a lot in common imeanwhatxD

Chocolate chocolate tho, no raisins but hushh dont tell anyone and no one would know~

Well I could tell you you should sleep but it’s 4.22am here so… xD

Shh there’s always time for sleeping later



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I’M EXHAUSTED. I’ve been working on a show for a loong time and it just closed so I’m in post-show blues right now. I SAW YOUR POST! Like 5 days after you posted it. And then I replied and I don’t think you saw my reply. I had a cute GIF for it to

Ohh I will look for it theen!!!

Sorry you’re exhausted bb! What about a good night of sleep now? Or a good nap? Or whatever you call sleeping at whatever the time is where you are… xD

But I’m sure the show was really fuun!!what was it about??


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I sat here for a really long time trying to pick the perfect “omg is love you so much bb” gif and then I realized you can’t put gifs in replies.


Shut your cakehole!



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IT JUST CAME OUT. Sometimes I lie about random stuff without meaning to. Yeah sleep will probably happen soon. As soon as I finish this eppisode of 30 rock. Do you like 30 rock?




Oh I was going to use your name to give it more emphasis and I noticed I dont know it! xD Hello I’m Gwen and who are you?

Or how should I call it xD

Oh yes of course I like 30rock!!

It’s a greart show!

Thou I’ve never watched like, all together, season by season, I just watched random episodes, some day I should really watch it…

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Super duper duper bored. And sleepy. And today I accidentally told my coworker I'm a mother of two. I don't know why, I didn't mean to. It just came out. I'm caught in a web of liiies

lol why did you tell him that?

Shh whatever avoid the issue till you cant and then tell him has mistaken you with someone else… (?) xD

Noo! Why don’t you read something? No boredom allowed!

Or waatch a movie? Or some series?

Or maybe sleep if you’re sleepy? No? Not sleepy enough for bed yet? xD

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So I follow you and basically reblog everything you post. And occasionally you'll reblog something from my other blog and I'll get the fuzziest warmest feeling ever. So yep, love you.


Omg what is this, no I don’t deserve your love.


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My genderswap Clint was always Olivia Wilde.

oh look at that!

To be honest I don’t think I would have ever thought of her… xD

Not that I don’t like her, but it would probably neve occur to me xD

Thou idk… Actually I think idk because I kinda pictured her (I mean fem!clint) with short hair xD (yeha dont ask me why okay xD)

But is not a bas option!

And thank you so much for trying to help us *hugs*

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hi remember me?


Pls bb of course I remeber you who u think u talking to srsly?

Your name is Nicole, sometimes you lie but you havent lied to me (or at least you said that was your real name:O!) once you said me you liked my blog and then sent me a really pretty picture of your cutie face with your hands shapping a heart when I told you I didnt deserve your love

You also told me you were going to dye your hair red/redish (how did that go btw?) but werent sure how cause your hair is dark brown (or was it black? I think it was dark brown… And I think that was the reason why you werent sure, I dont remeber THAT well xD But I remember I told you about a friend of mine that mixed brown and red and dyed her darkred like)

Ahaa see??

I am the creepiest creepy that has ever creeped.


How aare you loove???

I’m sorry if don’t answer you quickly I have 2 exams the same day in like 2 weeks but I have to read like 2 books for each and I clearly barely started xD

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hey, angel I'm gonna go to bed now. But it was lovely chatting with you and when I get up at a ridiculously early hour tomorrow I'll look forward to all your replies to these threads :D Night!

Oh yes!! Sleepiing!!

Yay go go dear! Yoou need it! :D

Sweet dreams ♥