“The day before I was to leave for London, Frank Sinatra called to ask if I’d mind carrying a coconut cake to Ava Gardner, who was in the film with Bogie (apparently she liked coconut cake). On the morning of my departure from New York the cake was delivered to me in a large white box - unpackable, of coarse, so I took off with the coconut cake permanently attached to my hand to keep it from getting crushed. I stayed a night in London, and then Bogie was at the Rome airport to greet me. He took me and my cake box to the Excelsior Hotel and I asked him to tell Ava Gardner I had brought it. He told her - she did nothing about it - so two days later I decided to take it to her before it rotted. I didn’t know her and felt awkward about it -  who knows what happened between a man and a woman when it goes sour? I took the damn cake to the studio and knocked on her dressing room door. After I had identified myself, the door opened. I felt like an idiot standing there with the bloody box - there were assorted people in the room and I was introduced to none of them. I said “I brought this cake for you - Frank sent it to me in New York, he thought you’d like it”. She couldn’t have cared less. She wanted me to put it down on some table she indicated -  not a thank-you, nothing. I was furious with her and never did get to know her on that film, but have a little since and like her. Her reaction had only to do with Frank - she was clearly through with him, but it wasn’t that way on his side”

-Lauren Bacall, By Myself, 1978