Since joining tumblr i’ve stumbled across many awesome artists and characters I probably never would have found otherwise.

One of the first that stood out to me is the awesome painterly style of BlindRat. I love his style, and his characters are cool! Zoyenka Lilyhammer was just too adorable to ignore and I had to draw her eventually!

I swear this pic started out as just something cute, fun, and sketchy…but at whatever point the little warrior came out and I couldn’t stop! xD please don’t hurt me ;~;

Maternal Melody

One of my favourite memories has always been listening to my mother sing. She’d make up words or hum a random tunes that to anyone but her didn’t make sense, yet still felt like a warming expression. So I’d ask her “Why are you singing that? is it from something?” and she’d simply say “It’s me…” and carry on.

Being the stupid kid I was I didn’t understand and was even annoyed so I’d do all kinds of silly things to get her to stop singing so I could listen to whatever, to which shed just laugh or ignore me and keep going. So I asked her the same question over and over instead and I got the same answer all the time until one day she just sat down next to me after I asked one more time.

She leaned over looked at my notepad I was supposed to do my homework only to see me drawing all over it and said “Same reason you’re drawing in your books. We all need a way to let ourselves be expressed regardless of it being sad or happy. IT doesnt have to make sense to anyone but you…long as it makes you happy to do it in the end…”

One of those memories I’ll treasure and have remembered going forward. Anyway I’m rambling and being silly over a doodle….have a good night everyone…