kelainoofthestars said:

Ahhhhh I love how sweet you and your boyfriend are to each other, it makes me feel so squishy inside!! (Also, I love seeing other long distance couples like my own :D)

Awww, thanks!


I hope you and your sweetheart are also doing well~♥!!

To be honest, I feel Long Distance Relationships are sweeter in their own way, and can be more meaningful because they’re a big trial of strenght and love, but I might just be biased because I’m in one, myself.


That aside! Shout out to those who are in a Long Distance Relationship too! Be strong together, the distance is only temporary!

So I kinda felt like making a gift for maaiwile because… Yeah, at the start it was going to be like in the reference… Then I thought of a one piece… Then it turned into a bikini, I SWEAR TO GOD IT IS RESERVED AND NOT ANYTHING LIKE.. wrong, but I added zorofab too and… He is kinda flashing and flaming, because stuff, just think of that Foxhound logo, he is pretty much looking like that, oh well, I really wish I had something to ink, still needing those pens so well, hope you like it guys.

This time around I just couldn’t work around a more romantic setting, but this movie we watched together and I totally enjoyed ♥

Either way, that’s unimportant. What matters is that today is a very important day~

Only two years together haha man it feels SO SHORT for all that we’ve gone through already, to be honest.

Yet still, it’s not a small time at all, and I’m in no rush with time, as long as we get to spend as many years together as life we have left, I certainly won’t mind to keep on counting.

I love you, my sweetheart. Happy second anniversary, keep being the very best boyfriend ever ♥

Happy birthday (eskimo) kiss, for the birthday boy ♥ (because I can’t draw kisses for the life of me)

Love you tons and tons, Joe ♥ I hope you are enjoying your special day!