Unveiling the Mandelbrot Set.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, mathematicians working in an area called dynamical systems made use of the ever-advancing computing power to draw computer images of the objects they were working on. What they saw blew their minds: fractal-like structures whose beauty and complexity is only rivalled by Nature itself. At the heart of them lay the Mandelbrot set, which today has achieved fame even outside the field of dynamics. 

The Mandelbrot set is a fractal. Fractals are objects that display self-similarity at various scales. Magnifying a fractal reveals small-scale details similar to the large-scale characteristics. Although the Mandelbrot set is self-similar at magnified scales, the small scale details are not identical to the whole. In fact, the Mandelbrot set is infinitely complex. Yet the process of generating it is based on an extremely simple equation involving complex numbers.

The Mandelbrot set is an incredible object that equals infinity. It’s really amazing that the simple iterated equation Z = Z^2 + C can produce such beautiful works of mathematical art.

On another note:


Bravo Grant and Candice for leaving me so emotional when Barry was saying goodbye to Nora and Iris was crying over Eddie. That acting was so real and on point. Omg!

Iris gave Barry such strength to make a choice. She is hands down his anchor and lightning rod that keeps him grounded. And let’s not forget, he chose a life with Iris in it…even if that didn’t mean they’d be together 😢❤️

The Barry and Nora scene tho…killed me.

Joe and Henry two best dads ever!!! They had me in tears with their speeches.

Let’s get Henry out of prison btw!

Loved that beautiful short Snowstorm wedding. Does this mean Ronnie is a regular for season 2?! PLEASE! And I LOVED seeing Killer Frost!!!

Wells, aka Tom you better not be gone. I love you. Maybe real Wells will return.

I don’t think that’s the end of the Reverse Flash. He’s too iconic to the comic series.

Even though I don’t ship Eddie and Iris, Eddie you took one for the team. You were brave. I love you Rick. If you come back from the wormhole, please be evil!

Cisco fucking Ramon you adorable creature. I adore you and CANNOT wait to see Vibe!