long distance sucks. i don’t care if it is a relationship, friendship, family, whatever, it all just sucks. i want all of the people closest to my heart to be closest to my hands and my arms and my love.


The IMC Rising DLC will be available on September 25th.


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For an anonymous message meme: I'm kind of confused by you because I remember when you first joined you were talking about smut/smutting but you're a minor from what I've read? If kind of has deterred me from writing with you because of that. I like your Booker but I also don't see much from him either. I hope this doesn't sound rude so much as just cautious? I'm not sure what the laws are for you, but most of us are in an 18+ zone with that sort of thing. I'm sorry if this comes off as rude Orz

reblog this if you want a LONG (or short) anonymous message saying what they think of you.

( alright so 1st of all i’m very sorry that you can’t see much from him and i’m sorry for the inactivity. during the summer break this is probably going to change, but ngl i attend like the 4th or 5th hardest school in my entire country and if there’s one thing you gotta know about the education system here, it’s that it’s v v hard. i write like 2 tests every day and i don’t have much free time, and when i come home at 3pm i have to study and then read rly long books for literature class so i usually spend my free time drawing or chilling on the internet. IM SO SORRY )

AND to actually answer ur question, yes i am a minor, i just turned 17, when i write smut it’s usually for my friends or something and not rp, but let’s be honest i don’t really write smut bc i uh??? i’m kinda flustered when it comes to these kind of things idk why ok. BUT we can always interact in a non-nsfw way though. i’m sorry for confusing you anon!

TYPE: Squirrel
MOVING DATE: In boxes today, 4/18
TIME ZONE: Pacific
FC & TOWN NAME: 5429 - 7054 - 1513 Sunville

She’s been in my town for a really long time and I’m sad to see her go. I really want her to go to a good home so please only take her if she’s a dreamie.

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Fuck 'em. You roleplay what you want, they're obviously not worth your time if they don't accept that you have your own views, likes and comfort zones. They can shove 18 dildos up their ass.

_Yeah, and I love that scummy little fuck Pete so I’m not stopping;