November 18, 1883: Railroads Create the First Time Zones

On this day in 1883, American and Canadian railroads began using four continental time zones. This stemmed from schedulers’ confusion transporting passengers across thousands of local times. Most towns in the United States had their own local times based on “high noon” when the sun reached its highest point in the sky.

The railroad companies created the new time coding system without assistance from the federal government. Most Americans and Canadians embraced the time zones since railroads were the primary link between the two countries. Congress did not officially adopt the time zones until 1918 under the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Check out American Experience’s “Streamliners” timeline of significant events related to the development of American railroads.

Photo:  Railroads. Men working on locomotive II, ca. 1920-ca. 1950. (Library of Congress)


The IMC Rising DLC will be available on September 25th.

"Je viens exprès d’Alfortville pour porter mon costume à retoucher. Ici, on peut bien négocier avec les retoucheurs. Et en une demi-heure, c’est fait ! Le temps de se poser dans un resto… J’ai mes habitudes, quoi ! Rien à voir avec les tailleurs des beaux quartiers qui vous demandent 20€ pour une retouche. Ça me coûte moi, je suis consultant bancaire : j’en porte des costumes ! Et puis y a une bonne ambiance ici. Dire que c’est une no go zone, c’est une méconnaissance totale du terrain. Je suis allé dans plein de quartiers soit-disant dangereux : je ne me suis jamais fait attaqué. D’ailleurs, il n’y a pas de zone infréquentables à Paris !" Patrick, 37 ans

Read-through 3: Friday, March 20th

The third read-through of Julius Caesar!

Many of you are double or triple cast, so double check which lines you have to read. You can look up the lines of the characters here, but beware the differences in names. The names listed below all go with the Folger Edition. If you’re in any doubt, please ask.

Also, I’m recasting some readers; I hope you don’t mind reading a smaller part now!

Times and time zones:

UTC: 18:00-22:00
CET: 19:00-23:00
EET: 20:00-24:00
EST: 14:00-18:00  

Leader: jaggedrain


Julius Caesar: elisayouexpected
Marcus Brutus Part One: @ohthose3dglasses
Marcus Brutus Part Two: heuristicdevice
Caius Cassius: annathegreenwitch
Casca: @starlightandcrimescenes
Mark Antony: cantankerousquince
Portia, Carpenter, Third Soldier & Messenger: @bewareofitalics
Octavius, Popilius Lena, Second Soldier & Claudius: ejcov
Decius Brutus, Volumnius, Lepidus & Varro: @beezarre
Lucius, Publius, Dardanius, First Soldier & Plebians/All: writagain
Marullus, Poet, Strato, Young Cato, Trebonis & Cicero: jaggedrain
Messala & Calphurnia: inarduisfidelis
Titinius, Servant, Cinna the Poet & Clitus: impracticallyiffy
Flavius, Caius Ligarius & Lucilius: hello-delicious-tea
Artemidorus, Cobbler/Second Commoner & Fourth Plebian/Citizen: @thecirusofme
Pindarus, Cinna & First Plebian/Citizen: @fire-cannot-kill-a-mockingjay
Metellus Cimber, Soothsayer & Second Plebian/Citizen: elsinore-snores
Listener: @chanverrerie
Understudy: punkisdecedied

Please send an ask to confirm!

Read the Guidelines. To avoid the differences between editions that make for confusion and missed cues, please use the Folger edition of Julius Caesar during the read-through.

It’s a big play, so be on time, be prepared, and make sure you know which lines to read. Good luck!

Congratulations Lana! You have been accepted for the role of Jay Romono. Please have a look over our check list, create your account and then send us a message from your character account so that we can send you a welcome package. Welcome to Wonderland!

  • Name: Lana
  • Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: 18
  • Time Zone: GMT

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2015 in Movies #1: “Love Forecast” lacks sparkage.

Inspired by one of my favorite blogger-writers, JZ, I’m going to write short reviews about every film I watch starting today.

1. Love Forecast (2015). Beta male is friend-zoned for 18 years, denial and romantic hijinks ensue.

Despite the zippy trailer, the actual movie felt too damn long. I found myself bored and distracted and wishing for the film to just end already. The chemistry of leads Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won is so-so at best—somewhere between comfortable friends and cute couple; no sexual tension, no sizzle, ZIP—which is problematic considering the premise is about two adult friends possibly becoming something more.

On the up side, there’s OTP smooching (some of which kinda looked awkward but hey, beggars can’t be choosers). Plus points: The effervescent Kim So-yeon makes a cameo and bedimpled Lee Seo-jin plays a charismatic PD.

Other titles: 오늘의 연애 / Oneului Yeonae / Today’s Love 

Directed by: Park Jin-pyo

Rating: 7 / 10 stars.


Thank you Tiffany Greyson for these shots of me doing musical comedy last night’s A Star is Melbourne show!

Upcoming gigs in Portland:

4/10 The Comedy Bull

4/11 Am I right ladies at Ford Food and Drink

4/15 Late Night Action at Helium comedy club

4/18 Tea Zone show

5/4- may the 4th themed it’s gonna be okay at Eastburn

anonymous asked:

Aren't you worried the same thing could happen to this baby that it did to your last one?

I was a little, but worrying isn’t a way to have a healthy pregnancy. Besides, I’m kind of in the “safe zone” now; I’m 18 weeks along and we already know we’re having a beautiful baby girl. I’d say I’m okay :)

Welcome to Coming For Blood, Geralda! We really loved your app for Melinda Chang and we can’t wait to see what you do with her. Please look at our checklist and send in your account within 24 hours. We’re excited to have you here at Coming For Blood!

Mod Notes

When this application came in I was legit so excited by it because we finally got the queen of the Chang’s! Reading your sample was extremely thrilling. Also when Robert and Anna both showed up I’m not going to lie I was dying of happiness. I loved seeing them all together. Also the flashback of killing her husband had me me gasping cause damn girl. Better get ready to give Alanis that guidebook. Anyways once again the sample was great. 

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