zone 0

The many forms of Leslie that I have...

Canon Leslie: Original from the video game The Evil Within.

Two Years Later Leslie: If the bad ending didn’t happen and Leslie left with Sebastian and Kidman safely. He is used in the detective service and uses his “Future Sight” by touching evidence and describing the scene.

Android!Leslie: A failed experiment from Ruvik in attempt of bringing Leslie back to life and use as a vessel of his own with a “Compatibility Program”. Preferably used for that AU or of a FNAF!AU

OFF!Leslie: Partially a part of the “Two Years Later” Leslie, brought into the Zones to save Hugo from “The Batter” AKA His father. He is highly close to Zacherie after his first experience in Zone 0 and has been brought back to fight off those who wish to “Purify” the zones. His skills are telekinesis or telepathy, using a flying weapon as a form of “Puppeteer”.  


Jordanimate’s OFF 3D

After all the weeks of hard work, I hope you can finally appreciate all the hard work I put into creating this <3

To see the full photosets, check out my blog. If you ever use the pictures for anything, please credit me, and notify me if you want because it’d be nice to see what my work has influenced or helped ;u; 

And also putting drawings/sprites into any of these pictures is very much welcome <3

I will put every single photo I have used for my OFF project into a page on my blog if ever you need them! 

Thanks again~ 

EDIT: Added Zone 3

EDIT 2: Added The Room


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A fan non-canon comic based on the popular RPGmaker game OFF by the awesome Mortis Ghost - tumblr/DA/twitter and his team Unproductive Fun Time.

so much orange. so, i know you guys are patiently waiting for these pages. and believe me, i wanna whip these out at least weekly. stuff gets in the way though, but that does not mean i’ll stop making this comic. hell no. 

with that said, expect a new page later this week. i think it’s time for a scene change soon ;)

Jesus Christopher, people I only left the sketch up for, like, a few hours and you bamboozled it with 20-something notes! I certainly hope that this picture gets that within the multiples if that’s the case!

Anyway, I didn’t have as much of a rush this time on uploading a picture, so I went a little crazy with the lighting. I also got to refine the subject of the picture, in this case Vaerie. In the one with The Judge I was shorter on time, so the sketch was a bunch more loose than this one.

I also considered having two peeping eyes in Valerie’s mouth to give Japhet some spotlight, but I decided against it, thinking it may be a tad distracting. Valerie is cool enough with his glowing, blue eyes~


today, I have done it, I have completely, to almost every last detail, built Zone 0 within Minecraft

I might post a download for the map and texture pack for the Zone later 

Super happy I got it done within 12 hours worth of work ;w;

Stay tuned for Zone 1 next time!