Mïnä II | 'You know the Origin?'

"Well, uh, as the story goes, the soon to be political activists and future Führer was sent to the Western Front during World War I. He was not the evil man as he was portrayed in those days. He witnessed his comrades die. He witnessed so much meaningless death. He always had a vice for supernatural stories, particularly, reincarnation. 

For his dream to be a reality, he needed us. In return for assisting his arrive for the Fatherland’s Führer, effective experiments could begin. It started very simple. Give basic commands, once the subjects started to move, and if it went out of control, a bullet to the cranium. My father always used three. 

Anyway, after years of attempts, no progress. None in the slightest. No matter what they tried, they would attack. Though the team began to pursue… other tasks-“

"Surely, at least someone carried on the work…" 

"There were two, however primarily they pursued the loveable thought of teleportation technology. Such a waste of such gifted brains…" 



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