zombietaxidrivers replied to your post: I’m so bad at rejecting people. It’s ridiculous. 

It’s hard but don’t worry about it! It’s better to reject someone than to let them do things to you you don’t like.

You’re right… But I kinda like them? But at the same time…


I think my problem is that this is the first time someone has ever shown interest in me and actually, like, pursued me. It kinda feels nice, but leading them on like this is a bad idea too.

zombietaxidrivers replied to your post: zombietaxidrivers replied to your post: I’m so bad…

Don’t feel like you have to like them since they’re chasing you. There’s plenty of fishies.

… Yeah, you’re right. This is all happening way too fast. I need to stand up for myself. I’m actually talking to them on Skype right now. I should get this done so that I don’t have to think about it again.

And then, yeah. I mean, I really should just let things flow on their own and learn how to distinguish my feelings better.