The first trailer for The Reward: Tales of Alethrion! Merry Christmas! Its been a glorious ride ;) Flaming High Fives! coming soon :)

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I've been sleeping on the set of the Walking Dead...

Well, not so much “on” as “in”… and it’s been super weird… 

See, my parents’ live "beyond the wall"


As in beyond the big rusty wall that’s been built in the middle of their sleepy Georgia town. That’s as close as I can get and still take pictures. Obviously, I can walk/drive through the gate, but they don’t allow any pictures. 

It’s really weird inside the wall… nobody’s cut their grass in months and there are all these props and vehicles still inside. Most of the houses inside the wall are actually unoccupied. My parents live in one of four actually occupied houses. The rest are being used for filming. 

There are also burnt out houses and a fake church around the wall:




They’re super creepy to drive past… the production company actually built and then burnt those buildings (with fire trucks standing by), because apparently that’s cheaper than building and painting structures to look like they’ve been burnt. 

What’s really interesting is this set is literally FEET away from the mainstreet of town, which you might know as WOODBURY (aka the creepy zombie equivalent of the Stepford Wives neighborhood with the Governor). 


Let me give you some perspective, the next two photos were taken while standing in EXACTLY THE SAME SPOT (I just turned around):

Oh look, Woodbury! (The building the stop sign is right in front of is the Mason lodge - the building with a flag flying shown in the shot from the Walking Dead. The fake Governors place was built next to it, it’s been taken down) 


180 Degree turn later: oh look! The creepy wall where the new set is!  


So… yeah. This is where I’ve been for the past week… BEYOND THE WALL! 

I could tell you things…. but really, I can’t…. because legal reasons. But I can tell you that I am writing this from inside the set! And you’ll be able to start seeing shots of the show done inside the wall a few episodes into the next season (airing in January I think…)

I’m off to take my dog for a walk around the graves… I mean houses… or do I????