The Signs As Mythical Creatures

Aries - Fury ❝A natural match for passionate Aries, Furies were spirits of justice and vengeance who used their fiery intensity to enforce the moral order.❞

Taurus - Siren ❝Taureans are the sirens of the Zodiac, blessed with powers of persuasion and voices that are seductive, strong, and beautiful.❞

Gemini - Pixie ❝Mischievous, clever, cute, and charming: Pixies embody the characteristics that make Geminis so uniquely captivating.❞

Cancer - Mermaid ❝Sensual and feminine, these iconic creatures of the sea are a natural match for a graceful water sign like Cancer.❞

Leo - Sphinx ❝Every Leo has a fierce Lioness within her, so the sphinx–half lioness, half woman–is a beautiful symbol of your strength and intelligence.❞

Virgo - Elf ❝like Virgos, elves are complex and ethereal beings whose youthful ingenuity mesmerises everyone they meet.❞

Libra - Sylph ❝Airy and light, these invisible fairies paint the sky with cloudy works of art much like you grace the world with your aesthetic talents.❞

Scorpio - Phoenix ❝The phoenix is closely associated with Scorpio, because you are a phoenix: in the darkest times of your life, when you feel completely shattered, you have the unique power to rise up from the ashes and transcend.❞

Sagittarius - Pegasus ❝Sagittarians have an affinity for horses. It is fitting, then, that your mythical creature is the free-spirited pegasus, a symbol of wisdom and a source of inspiration.❞

Capricorn - Dyrad ❝Dryads are tree spirits who symbolize the element earth. They’re a perfect representation of your natural strength and virtue.❞

Aquarius - Unicorn ❝Uniquely beautiful and creative, unicorns have the ability to heal and help every living thing they come in contact with.❞

Pisces - Naiad ❝Naiads are female spirits who preside over bodies of water. Like Pisces, they are intimately connected to nature and possess great powers of inspiration and prophecy.


“Yesterday you told me that you made a list of all the ways that loving me has ruined your life, and I get it. I haven’t made it easy on you, but I made a list too. Of all the ways that loving you has changed mine. You were by my side when I needed a friend. You made me laugh, you made me dance. You told me that I would find love again, and I understand if you need time to heal and to live your life without me. I understand if I have to wait for you. And I will. I’ll wait. And when you’re ready for me, I will be ready for you.


Kai pretended  he had drum sticks in his hands for a second while the music blasted through the house. you laughed from where you were sitting on the couch.

“come on.” Kai said, holding out a hand to you, “lets dance.”