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hello!! im searching for a chaptered (i think) zombie/apocalypse au where dan gets separated from chris and then is kept "hostage" by a group of people including phil and louise for a while? i think the title was something about rust but i can't find it. it was really really good

breathe my rust by hearteyeshowell! one of my all time faves.

summary: "Yeah," Dan says, one corner of his mouth twitching up in a pathetic imitation of a smile. "Can’t get rid of me that fast, mate."
"I’m glad," Phil whispers, and those two words are heavy and dangerous and Dan thinks that if the sun were up they wouldn’t be having this conversation at all. He definitely wouldn’t be tempted to move closer, but it’s dark and he’s lonely and he’s only known Phil for two and a half days but he feels safe with him. And he’s drawn to this tired boy whose eyes are brighter than the sky is most days, drawn like metal to a magnet, and he can’t pull away, even though he wants to.

Or, the one where Phil rescues Dan in a zombie apocalypse and they accidentally fall in love

- Michelle