Joseph fucking Sugg. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that he exists and makes videos for us on three channels.

He’s a YouTuber. A talented singer. A graphic novelist (author). Vlogger. And a sexy ass motherfu-!

I’ve been a subscriber for quite a fucking while now.. so if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that, honestly, he’s just an adorable weirdo with a camera who’s extremely kind and funny. With abs sculpted by the gods. 

So, same Tyler. Same.

What do Lazarus, Elvis and Zombies have in common?

A Christian saint, the King of Rock and Roll and flesh eating monsters; how on earth can they be linked both together and to Earth science?! Each of these has gives their name to a fossil classification, giving us groups known as the Lazarus taxon, Zombie taxon and Elvis taxon. These three classifications are used when a fossil is found somewhere leading to it to be ‘out of sequence’. Fossils can be linked to set rock units as certain organisms lived in certain geological periods; thus when a fossil is in the wrong rock unit for its time, it confuses the geologists dating the rock! The three classifications are used to explain three circumstances that can lead to such an event.

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Commander of the Week


A great commander, I know he’s a bit steep in terms of converted mana cost but his abilities and his power make him a formidable creature. Another great thing is that you can go pretty much any way with him, Tribal Zombies, Tribal Assassins, Cruel Control or just plain aggro if you can make it work. 

Assassins vs Zombies

I would love to build a tribal assassins deck but there are no lords or technology that can make assassins work, unlike zombies which have plenty of lords and cards like Endless Ranks of the Dead, Rooftop Storm and Call to the Grave which can make things very unpleasant for your opponents. You could go for an assassin style deck with Ninjas and unblockable creatures that could be very fun especially if you load it with equipment such as the Swords, Quietus Spike or Unscythe, Killer of Kings. A few mashups could be worth a try. 

Speed vs Cunning

With Thraximundar being quite large and quick, a voltron approach is viable Cards like the Swords, Eldrazi Conscription and Akroma’s Memorial could definitely work in this deck or why not cards that provide extra combat steps like Fury of the Horde, World at War or Savage Beating to really pile on the damage. For a control route you could add cards like Propaganda, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker and Cruel Ultimatum. I also like having ways of starving your opponents of support with cards such as Dragonlord Silumgar, Gather Specimens, Sadistic Sacrament and Praetors Grasp.

So, Assassin’s or Zombies..?

I once saw a really fun assassin deck with Vela, the Night Clad as the commander and then lots of Ninjas, Assassins and Rogues and then lots of creatures that were unblockable to trigger the Ninjitsu Ability. Mixing such cards with draw abilities like Bident of Thassa, Coastal Piracy and Ophidian Eye can definitely provide you with card advantage. The Zombie Route does provide you with a bit more technology but it is more predictable than that of Assassins. Not to mention Thraximundar looks even more scary when he can’t be blocked cards such as Ghostform, Distortion Strike and Artful Dodge can really make the difference during combat.

And Finally…

Lands such as Rogue’s Passage, Desolate Lighthouse and Shizo, Death’s Storehouse can be really useful in such a deck as they provide evasion and card advantage that is sorely needed. There are indeed many ways to build around Thraximundar, the trick is finding the one that suits you the most. I do love grixis commanders. Until next week, Happy deck building.

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Z-Team (épisode 1)

dupond-and-dupont m’a lancé comme défi d’écrire un drabble sur mon meilleur ami, elle et moi ensemble dans une apocalypse zombie, chez moi. Ce n’est donc pas exactement une fanfiction mais j’ai adoré l’idée donc je me suis un peu emballée. Il y a plus de 1000 mots et je risque fort d’en faire une série d’épisodes sur notre survie à Paris avec des guest parfois (oui oui vous risquez de vous retrouver dedans). Merci, Dup’. Mon inspiration est boostée à mort maintenant ! :D

C’est un délire un peu private joke, donc je mets le texte sous le cut pour ceux qui veulent !

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