3 Most Perverted Looking Japanese Movies on Netflix: Tested

Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead

First, know that I actually sat through this entire film, and it was a chore. I bounced like a madman between delight and shame and incredulous disbelief over and over again as the movie played out. But anyway, here’s the plot as I understand it. There’s a girl who is afraid of bugs and as such her sister gets her head flushed in a toilet by schoolgirl bullies. To overcome this, she goes on a road trip with a boobie girl, her 40-year-old drug-addled/rapist boyfriend, a normal girl, and a nerd with a pageboy haircut who literally no one on the trip admits to knowing. Why is he there? There’s a scene in which his presence is questioned and no one owns up to even knowing who he is. How did he get there?

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This Victorian-era grave cage or “mortsafe” was intended to keep grave robbers from thieving jewelry or organs from graveyard corpses, but I still like to pretend that it was created to trap zombies if the deceased became reanimated.  Both stories are spooky thouhg.  :)

Elegant yet maniacal. A zombie Death Queen atop her throne. I got a similar type of character in the book I just finished. She’s my Demon Queen. My Zombie Priestess. Here’s a fun little excerpt about her from one of the earlier chapters in my book:

Her bloodline was ancient — enriched with mysterious mystics and sorcery — and the immorality she fashioned her life around had tapped a more insidious source of wizardry that hadn’t been awakened for a millennium. The sort of wickedness that she inspired in others was a gateway for her blood-magic to revel in terrible evils, and to harvest a type of power beyond that of mortal men. (Name) was the reckoning that the world of man deserved. She would bring about a plague of horror so devastating that Hell itself would emerge on Earth, and in the end, she would be at its throne. Lucifer would kneel before her and call her queen, and God in all his glory would crawl to her, wallowing in sorrow, and beg her for her mercy.       

Thas my girl. -z-s0k 

art by Jake Moon

Zombies in Southeast Minnesota....

So for those who don’t live in southeastern Minnesota, here’s what happened.

Mayo Clinic along with the CDC, Medical Students did a Zombie drill last year. This year the Mayo Clinic and CDC have further discussed the topic, and have started prep for a potential Zombie Apocalypse!

Not only that, they have started working on possible cures for potential zombies……

Rochester Minnesota, the home of the Mayo Clinic is the potential safe zone!

Others feel however with these extra and bizarre precautions, Rochester could in fact be Ground Zero for this potential Zombie Apocalypse.

I’m not sure what is true and what isn’t…. 


So I’ll either be in the safest location or I’ll be one of the people you see on the news, fighting and getting covered in a mountain of zombies…. either way, THIS IS FUCKED UP!!

Welcome to Rochester Minnesota, Home of Cancer Research, Giant Medical facility, Medical School, and Zombie Outbreak site!