[p1: There’s too many zombies! 
p2: (zombie noises) 
p1: Is that Chauncey?
p2: (zombies noises continue, and then cut off) 
p1: Where my money Chaun-
p2: (fearful zombie noises)] 


Zombies, oh my! It’s a flooded market, but there are certain gems I’m more fond of than others (p.s. Return of the Living Dead just barely missed the list since it’s on a different one!). 


Miami Vice : Remix - Jim Mahfood

Last month, the TV classic Miami Vice came back in a whole new way with the neo-noir, ultraviolet, action-packed Miami Vice: Remix. The first issue left readers cliff-hanging but never fear — the next installment of car chases, palm trees, and mutation-inducing designer drugs is here!

When we last left Crockett and Tubbs (still Miami’s coolest cops) they were in a sticky situation with some South Florida zombies high on Miami Bath Salts. Now they’re in hot pursuit of the dealer of this horrific nose candy, which leads them to punching cracked-out monsters in the face while zooming through Florida Turnpike traffic. Just another day at the office! But while one situation explodes, another simmers; someone who’s got serious beef with our $600-suit-wearing-heroes claims that Crockett’s got a serious debt to pay — and they’re here to collect!

Writer Joe Casey (Godland, Wildcats, Adventures of Superman) and artist Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl, Ultimate Spider-Man, Grrl Scouts) take their off-the-wall trip to South Beach to the next level with another high-energy, neon-soaked installment, in-stores next Wednesday.

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Zombies- k-chxn

It had been five years after the deadly plague had taken over, turning people into flesh craving monsters. Nothing was safe, numbers of the creatures were too many and humans weren’t quick enough to contain the outbreak. It only took months for the world to become infected. However, some humans survived.

Legion was just like any other survivor but he was more deadly. He took everything seriously and never stayed with a group for more than a few days. Unfortunately that had lead to his down fall. Now he was stuck in a trap, biters trying to get to him as he hung upside down from a tree with his arms tied to his waste. He had apparently pissed off the wrong people


Walking Dead Cast and Creators Talk Season Six

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next season. AMC has released the first of what will likely be many speculative promotional videos relating to season six of The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Alanna Masterson and executive producers Scott M. Gimple and Gale Anne Hurd all make appearances. The actors say…

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