If we knew how to save the world, we’d science fiction prototype it in the next great shambling-dead epic.

4 Ways Terrible Zombie Movies Foretell the End of Society

#2. If We Invented a Way to Save the World, We’d Work It Into the Next Great Zombie Movie

What do you know about submarines? Most of the specifics of the modern submarine sprung from the mind of Simon “Even My Name’s Wet” Lake. That is, the execution of those specifics came from Lake. Lake’s big-picture inspiration for submersible craft came from kooky Jules Verne adventures, where characters saw the impossible happen with and without opium. Science fiction also birthed science fact to bring us tech like rockets (Robert Goddard via H.G. Wells), Tasers, (Jack Cover feat. Tom Swift YA adventures), and cell phones (Martin Cooper and the Star Trek clan). … Zombie fiction can work the same way. … The good news is that’s still happening in zombie fiction. The bad news is it’s only happening in the books. 

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"Zombie Daisuki / I Love Zombie" [Flyer, Japan]

  • Scanned / Uploaded by Game Industry Term Encyclopedia (ゲーム業界用語事典)
  • "I love Zombie is different to other Zombie games as it’s all about helping and nurturing Zombies rather than killing them. You need to herd the horde to overrun cites and towns to get back the “precious thing” that was stolen from their farms. Yeah, the Zombies used to be farmers before they were screwed over by horrible, evil, nasty humans who deserve to die by cold dead, Zombie hands."

    ~The Average Gamer

  • So, it’s kinda like the kawaii version of Stubbs the Zombie then?

Looks like Captain Reynolds has his hands full. He did NOT sign up for zombies on this job.

Which heroes would YOU want watching your back in a Zombie outbreak? Any film, any genre… Doesn’t matter! Build your dream team… Go!
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