So, one of the confessions stated that Failure by Breaking Benjamin reminded them of L4D. I gave it a listen and loved it. So me, (whilst I had some spare time on my hands) created a music video for the Left 4 Dead series. Hope you enjoy. 

bookmad asked:

but consider this: a tinat sequel about cary's current whereabouts because he's not dead and that is law


Manda, I can’t figure out if you love or hate Cary from this ask because you know if I wrote a sequel starring him, he would have the most awful time ever–like everything in This is Not a Test but a thousand times WORSE than that, he would be so unhappy/miss his bed so much, because let’s be real I am not becoming a nicer author in my old age.


Marki Bey as Diana ‘Sugar’ Hill in Sugar Hill (1974)

Synopsis: When her boyfriend is brutally murdered, after refusing to be shaken down by the local gangsters running their protection racket, Sugar Hill, decides not to get mad, but BAD! Calling upon the help of aged voodoo queen Mama Maitresse, Sugar entreats her to call upon Baron Zamedi, the Lord of the Dead, for help in gaining a gruesome revenge. In exchange for her soul, the Dark Master raises up a zombie army to do her bidding. The bad guys who thought they were getting away clean are about to find out that they’re DEAD wrong.

Written by Tim Kelly

Directed by Paul Maslansky