It has been A Week. A really good one! Here is a round-up:

The ALL THE RAGE cover was revealed on MTV by katrosenfield, who I am a huge fan of. (Have you read her novels? She is so good, so so good.) In anticipation of its release, the first chapter went live the day before and you can read it here. I’m so thrilled and grateful to everyone who shared in the excitement with me and helped spread the word about both. Thank you so much.

ARCs are in!!!! The second picture in this set is courtesy St. Martin’s Press’ Griffin Teen Twitter. A few hours later, my own copies arrived. (Obligatory headcrab shot.) I will be launching my newsletter in October, and I will be giving one of these beauties away to a random subscriber when the first issue launches. There’s still time to subscribe, soooo….

Related: can’t describe how good it felt to hold in my hands after working on it for so long. 

Meanwhile, my good friend catagator wrote an extraordinarily kind blog entry about ALL THE RAGE (so kind) and is super super super generously giving away 3 pre-orders of the book to US/CAN residents. You can check that out and enter here. (I hope you will!) Thank you a whole bunch, Kelly.

I had THE BEST time doing a podcast with sarahmoon and andantepiano over at Clear Eyes, Full Shelves. We talked for over three hours about All Manner of Things and the last installment went live on their website this week. You can listen to Part One, Part Two and Part Three respectively by clicking on each of the links. I have a been a long-time fan of their podcast (you should subscribe) and being a guest on it was a big deal for me. And fun and funny as hell. True story: Sarah had to adjust the audio levels when I started talking about Supernatural because that is how ahem passionate I get about the show. Thank you so much, ladies!

PLEASE REMAIN CALM, the sequel e-novella to my zombie novel, THIS IS NOT A TEST, is in its last stages of editing and we have a cover! It’s pretty sweet and I can’t wait to show it to you. The release is slated ahead of ALL THE RAGE, so you will be able to buy it within the first few months of 2015. I will share when there is a firm release date. Like all my best laid plans when novel-writing, the story evolved A LOT while I wrote it. I hope you dig what happens next…

Also, getting PLEASE REMAIN CALM handed in is why I’m behind on my ask box! I have some outstanding asks waiting for my attention and I hope to get to them in the next two weeks. My email situation is similar. If you have been waiting to hear back from me about anything, hopefully you’ll be getting a reply soon. Thank you so much for your patience!

Here this heart is for you, I don’t need it because I have to go make some characters sad and it only gets in the way <3

[TRANS] The reason why Heechul likes Sohee and Xiumin (weibo)

TL;DR: Zombies. Chinese fans call Sohee “Zombie baby” wherever Heechul is concerned.. Heechul said Xiumin looks like a “cute Chinese Zombie”. Zombies. Heechul likes Sohee. Xiumin resembles Sohee. Zombies. Heechul is obsessed with Zombies.

trans: epikey@tumblr | source: missbanban@weibo |

OP: 我发现这孩子真的对僵尸有执念啊哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈随便一搜就那么多有的没的,看到他说xiumin像可爱的中国僵尸我终于想通了他为啥对昭熙那么情有独钟了 [laugh]
OP: I realized this kid is really keen on zombies ahahahahahahahahahaha a little bit of research and so many things came out, say him said Xiumin looks like a cute Chinese Zombie I finally came to an understanding why he’s so faithful to Sohee [laugh]


Heechul: (My) Ideal type being Sohee is a psychological symbol.
DJ: You know about XIUMIN and Sohee looking alike right?
DJ: In real life they look quite alike, XIUMIN’s eyes also slant up
Heechul: XIUMIN looks a bit like a zombie
Heechul: A cute Chinese Zombie



[20130903 MUSIC NEWS] #KimHeechul wants to film WGM with #EXOXiuMin?! Kim Heechul said on Kiss The Radio on the 30th, DJ Ryeowook asked “Who do you want to film WGM with?” Heechul answered “I want to do so with XiuMin. We met twice at weddings, but once I greet him he escaped into the distance”, “if we want to have a love triangle, then please invite Hong Seokcheon hyung”. Heechul’s 4D behavior and speech made the audience burst into laughter. (*Ryeowook said that Heechul chose Xiumin bc his ideal type is Sohee)


[101110 Heechul Twitter Update] Chinese Demon “Jiang Shi (Zombie)”. My favorite movie~
[101115 00:14 Heechul Twitter Update] Sure enough a real man will cry when watching zombies.


[2007] Heechul: Hong Kong’s famous zombie movie.


[2006?] Han Geng (to Heechul): Don’t wanna watch “Hello Zombie”? Oh you have “Mr. Zombie” too.


Caption: (I only know zombie).