MBTI Zombie Survival Team

What if Team MBTI found themselves in a zombie apocalypse? (Based on the characters from my MBTI drawing project)

INTJ: Strategist

ENTJ: Lieutenant

ENTP: Recon

INTP: Sniper

ISTJ: Scientist

ESTJ: Team Leader

ESFJ: Quartermaster

ISFJ: Chef

ISTP: Engineer

ESTP: Demo Man

ESFP: Brawler

ISFP: Weapons Expert

INFJ: Driver

ENFJ: The one with the shotgun

ENFP: Speed Fighter

INFP: Medic



I thought today was the best time to do this since wonderful swag arrived from Susan! She is the loveliest person ever. I haven’t read SSAD yet but those character cards just make me want to read it more! I might just start it because I love steampunk and I love The Walking Dead because zombies are awesome. Hopefully going to start this and it’ll get me out of my reading slump also a HUGE thank you to Susan for these, I love them!