Calling all Walking Dead fans. A man named Jim Sells (aptly titled surname) is selling the downtown district featured on AMC’s show Walking Dead. The town on everyones’ mouth, Grantville (Georgia) could use a little boost in revitalization, so the former mayor is looking to do just that. Picture nine buildings, totaling 25,000 square feet, to be all yours for the asking price of $680,000. Read more details on the eBay listing

Zombie Apocalypse?
  • Aries:bites a zombie hoping it will turn into a human
  • Taurus:makes bad zombie puns during the whole ordeal
  • Gemini:tries disguising as a zombie and fails
  • Cancer:falls in love with a zombie
  • Leo:sprays deodorant because the stench of rotting flesh is disgusting
  • Virgo:makes an excellent plan. dies before initiating it.
  • Libra:attempts negotiating with the zombie lord
  • Scorpio:tries disguising as a zombie and is successful
  • Sagittarius:befriends a zombie
  • Capricorn:accidentally walks into a zombie
  • Aquarius:is the zombie
  • Pisces:pokes a zombie on the head

Blackest Night # 7 , Rodolfo Migliari Variant Cover 1 in 25 , April 2010 , DC Comics

On the cover : Black Lantern Corps ; Black Lantern [ Animal Man; Buddy Baker ] ; Black Lantern [ Donna Troy ] ; Black Lantern [ Green Arrow ; Oliver Queen ] ; Black Lantern [ Kid Flash ; Bart Allen ] ; Black Lantern [ Superboy ; Conner Kent ; Kon-El ] ; Black Lantern [ Superman ; Clark Kent ; Kal-El ] ; Black Lantern [ Wonder Woman ; Diana Prince ]