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Hey, I was looking for this fic... It took place during the roadtrip and it had lots of UST. I think Erik was on denial about his sexuality or something like that... I remember it dealt with homophobia issues and that in the end Erik asked Charles if he could sleep in his bed... It sounds dumb, but it was really heartbreaking! I also remember it wasnt on ao3, perhaps on Ljournal? Pleeease help me

Thanks to Unforgotten and Widgenstain!

The fic you are looking for is Triangles by zombieboyband.  Warnings for Holocaust and Homophobia.

Mod Comment: Wonderfully written, especially with an appropriate attitude a Holocaust survivor would have towards homosexuality.  Hauntingly beautiful and raw and well worth the read!

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Hi =)I have two questions: 1. Do you know any fics where Peeta has problems/pains with his protestic leg and he doesn’t want katniss to know because he is ashamed of her seeing it.. or some stories that involve anything about his leg!?2. Any stories where the have problems rebuilding there realistionhip/physical realistionship after the war because of peetas hijacking… but manag in the end!?Keep up the great work =)

Thank you, darling <3

To answer your first question:

The Fire Beneath - Dustwriter

If You Forget Me - titania522

And I Will Stumble and Fall - Ameiko

And here’s one where Peeta has some sexual issues as a result of his hijacking/torture:

We Have Not Touched the Stars - zombieboyband

If anyone knows of any stories to add (in response to either question), please let me know.

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Do you know of any post Mockingjay stories that don’t involve children, where they’re just happy as the two of them?


As in, they never have children?  I can’t think of any like that, but here are some that take place before having kids:

These growing together fics.

And some others:

Today, Tomorrow, Next Year - cloverleafsky

The Good Wife - Silvercistern

The Quiet Game - quietprofanity

Whatever You Want to Do (Is All Right With Me) - Trippy41

Learning to Swim - imaginarycircus

When She Knew - loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive

Everything But - msdisdain

Getting There - shesasurvivor

Words Aren’t Enough - loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive

Control - loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive

We Have Not Touched the Stars - zombieboyband

Open to Me - plumgal1899

Surrender - lieselmemingers

Legal Matrimony - Silvercistern

Your voice like this - acciograce

Surrender - Katnissinme

Learning - Sweet.dreams.86 (translated to English by PeetasandHerondales

Rub Down - Everlark_Pearl

The Missing Book - Hey_You

The Luxury and the Necessity - Devanrae

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Any fics in which K and/or P have a kink?

things that you can’t say tomorrow day - purple_cube

Control Me - cupcakesprinkles14

I’ll Look After You - lauralulubee

Little Red’s Secret - Cinnamon-A

Tonight We Play - titania522

We Have Not Touched the Stars - zombieboyband

Christmas TV series - LBug84 & MockingJayFlyingFree

The Gluwein series - LBug84 & MockingJayFlyingFree

Hit Me Baby…One More Time - passionately_curious