A repost of the Kyandi comic from last year <3 For those of you that missed the story! We’re considering doing more with our littlest character, Kyambie!

She is part Cotton Candy, part Zombie, and very spunky. For those of you who do not know, the offspring of a Llama & Alpaca is known as a Huarizo! Welcome Kyambie to the TPS family, as our new Candied Zombie Huarizo!

The Zombie Alpaca-lypse continues on messenger bags! This is our sixth design for an upcoming messenger bag line which showcases our Zombie Alpacas! Only one bag design left for our initial seven, can you guess who will be released tomorrow?

More Zombie Alpaca related goods here: http://www.tastypeachstudios.com/collections/zombie-alpacalypse

Our newest Zombie Alpaca shirt is now live for online orders! Sorry about the delay! These shirts have been available since Otakon, but due to selling out of the first run a bit faster than anticipated we’re just now getting around to putting them online!

Available here: http://www.tastypeachstudios.com/collections/zombie-alpacalypse

*Unisex sizes coming soon!

While doing our inventory counts we were able to find 10 Zombie Alpacas. They are now listed online, but these are the LAST ones that will be listed until the official shipment comes in in 3-4 weeks with the Albino Pre-Orders as well as a restock on traditional Green Zombies and the final run of the limited edition Black Zombies.

Get them here while you can!


anonymous asked:

Hi there! It could be a site glitch but I just wanted to ask--I saw the Lavender and Black Zombie Alpaca plushies were missing from the official site. Are you guys ending their production or simply fresh out? (Also hoping you'll have the green ones back soon!)

Hi there! The black and lavender zombie alpacas were limited edition, and we have sold out of our online stock. We may have more black in at another time, however lavender is 100% sold out for good.