Martin and myself (Siobhan) took time out from zombie killing to take a selfie while looking #fabulous

blizzard is SO SHIT with writing that their most prominent female character, the one they contend as their strongest female character ™, is completely written around her intimate relationships with men. like entirely.

like seriously that’s ALL she is about and she’s supposed to be this super strong awesome mage who is hella smart. apparently. that’s what they tell me but i don’t see that shit.

show me that jaina not the jaina who is too busy pissing and moaning about someone she dated years ago in wrath heroics instead of HELPING US KILL FUCKING ZOMBIES

The Signs During a Zombie Apocalypse

Aries: Protecting Cancer and Pisces

Taurus: Stockpiling food, weapons and medicine

Gemini: Freaking out because the power lines are down

Cancer: Crying behind Aries while holding a large shovel

Leo: Helplessly trying to tell everyone what to do

Virgo: Guarding Taurus’ stockpile

Libra: Died trying to save a loved one

Scorpio: Literal killing machine. Zombies beware

Sagittarius: Kicking ass with Aries

Capricorn: Doesn’t realize that they’re the real leader

Aquarius: The one Libra died trying to save, and is now also dead

Pisces: Doesn’t really need help, but pretends to because they’re lazy

these are the stats about zombie kills in the walking dead.

Literally everything you want to know about the zombies who were killed in twd is here. You can see who killed the most zombies (on screen) what weapons were used and how many times.

There’s also this awsome diagram made of walkers who were killed in the walking dead (like, the whole serie)

you can also see which walker is killed with what weapon and who killed the walker. 

Wel anyway, it’s quite enjoyable to read ya know..