– evidentem LIKED for a STARTER.

               ❝ LISTEN UP, ❞ the boy isn’t talking like a boy right now, the GAG
               ( galactic alliance guard )        taught him that.      he talked to men
               older than this one, in his ‘commander’ voice.  as zekk and jagged
               had dubbed it.       he’s only fourteen, he’s small and has baby fat
               clinging to his cheeks.   yet that look in his eyes says anything but.
               zoist messed with his head, and jacen was changing.         all were 
               f a c t o r s  to the result of ben rapidly growing up before his body
               had even completely hit puberty.     sad to some, normal to others.

                           ❝ you either start moving or i’ll have to make you. ❞