Be careful what you say.. They can come back to bite you..


opens Sun, Sept 8, 6-8p:

Risk Aversion
 Zoi Gaitanidou

Scaramouche Gallery, 52 Orchard St., NYC

first New York solo exhibition of Greek artist Zoi Gaitanidou, featuring threaded works on cotton and ink drawings. The ominous environment in Gaitanidou’s work is the natural habitat of the universal tribe. Thick vegetation covers every inch of earth. Towering trees elevate the sky to unreachable heights. Aggressive leaves and branches of unknown species of vegetation hinder all motion. Perils lurk slyly from every direction.  - thru Oct 27

This is a picture of me looking at my baby sister Zoi after she was born. From that day on we were inseperate. She was my best friend. I remember growing up we both suffered from depression. When I was about nine years old I had this old diary that I would write in when I was upset. I used to write how much I wished I was dead and how I was a useless person. My sister Zoi, only six at the time, snuck into my diary when I wasn’t there an read it. I will never forget reading my diary a few months later and seeing, “Please don’t do anything, I love you.” Seeing that note broke me down. I went and found her playing alone in the living room right after and I just hugged her. She didn’t know why but she hugged me back, tightly. I wish the whole world got to know Zozo like I did.

Three days ago, Zoi took her own life. She was only fifteen years old.


I wouldn’t hurt a fly, honest~! ♥