Hey dudes and dudettes! Have you ever wanted to meet Zoë and Jacob in person? Do you like Pizza Day Comics? Do you like art? Do you like good times? Do you like Adventure Time, Pokemon, or Gotham Girls?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions,  you should come on down this weekend to Comikaze Expo. We’ll be there promoting our webcomic, Pizza Day Comics

The convention’s located in the Los Angeles Convention Center in DTLA, Nov. 1 - 3. Come by Booth #AA425 to meet us, get some art, grab an awesome trade paperback, and much, much more!


Wait, this was a sketch when I started it! And then.. I spent longer on it.. WHAAA?

I’ve been rewatching the series with my Boyfriend, only this is my first time doing it in Japanese. It’s been a fun experience!

So I’ve been working on my shot for the “Moon Animate, Make-up!” project and just finished most of the roughs tonight. 

Because it’s such an iconic shot, one of the most important things I want to get right is the timing. It’s fascinating to be animating this and thinking “NO, THE TIMING’S NOT LIKE I REMEMBER IT”. But I’m having fun!

I can’t wait to animate her eyes sparkling like crazy diamonds!

This Easter: Prepare Your Keister

Zoë Moss and Jacob Strick of Pizza Day Comics will be returning to WonderCon in Anaheim, the weekend of April 3rd through the 5th. Find us at Small Press booth SP-062!

In addition to new prints, Zoë will be debuting handcrafted necklaces. WonderCon is also a great opportunity to get Pizza Day Comics Books 1 & 2 as well as Dead Girl leggings and shirts — a collaboration between Zoë and Kreepsville 666.

If you’re not able to make it to the convention, don’t fret! We have a brand new Etsy shop featuring all of the prints and books you could possibly want.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

–Zoë Moss & Jacob Strick

Have two cute bozos screaming!

Seriously though, I’m long overdue for some fanart directed at the talented Zoë Moss and her equally talented boo Jake Strick! I look up to these two a lot and they work hard to get to where they’re at. Learn their names cuz you’re gonna be hearing ‘em someday. Probably connected to animation.

These are their characters Inchy & Pinchy, from a cartoon short they did a while back. Currently, they do a webcomic called Pizza Day and Zoe updates her art site enviably frequently. You should probably also check out The Plague Bearers, a short film they did.


Here it is! My shot for Moon Animate, Make-up! I am eternally grateful to Sailor Kate for her amazing patience - I know had I extend the deadline due to work related deadlines, but here we are! 

I am so honored to have been given this shot! WHAT A TREAT!

(A HUGE thank you to my boyfriend, Jacob for his help compositing!)

Bonus, here is the WIP from before: