The Signs during Detention

Aries: *slams fist on the table* This is bullshit! That kid DESERVED to get sucker punched in the face!

Taurus: *stomach growls loudly while crawling weakly towards the teacher’s desk* Please… let me go home… I’ve only had one serving of lunch today and- *passes out*

Gemini: *whispers to Cancer* Omg look at Taurus. He looks so pathetic lol

Cancer: *looks over to Gemini, teary-eyed and voice shaking* I- I can’t be here Gemini. I can’t. If my mother finds out, its going to break her heart. What if it kills her? Ohmygod I’m horrible daughter. She doesn’t deserve this. My mother is a-

Leo: *raises hand* Excuse me? Hi. Yes, do you mind turning the heat down? Its not good for my skin. No? That’s okay I guess. I’m still the hottest one in here. *flips hair*

Virgo: Oh my God Aries, would you shut up? You got us into enough trouble already! I told you to leave that kid alone. I TOLD you. But you never listen! Why do you always-

Libra: *trying to bring Taurus back to consciousness* Guys, please stop fighting! I think Taurus might be dead

Scorpio: *sitting at the back of the class staring murderously at the teacher*

Capricorn: *decided to be productive and finish schoolwork but ends up having an emotional breakdown because they’ve never been sent to detention*

Sagittarius: *managed to slip out through the window an hour ago and is currently DJ-ing at a party*

Aquarius: This is injustice man! You think I don’t know what this is really about? Its the Government man! Yeah, that’s right. I KNOW. They want us in here! AS EXPERIMENTS. *starts a whole government-school conspiracy theory*

Pisces: *oblivious to everything that is happening and has unknowingly doodled on her entire desk*

the signs having a crush
  • Aries:gets overly bashful when talking to him/her
  • Taurus:has many dreams of the two of them going out—but never tries to start anything
  • Gemini:ends up becoming bestfriends with the person
  • Cancer:very subtle about it and hardly brings it up
  • Leo:always tries to spend time with them
  • Virgo:constantly teasing their crush
  • Libra:always trying to deny their own feelings for the "crush"
  • Scorpio:too afraid to text them first
  • Sagittarius:talks about them constantly
  • Capricorn:listens to sappy love songs and tries to relate everything in them to oneself
  • Aquarius:always looking for the other person even when they know he/she isn't around
  • Pisces:makes cute little drawings on random pieces of paper of their two names combined


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The signs at a sleepover
  • Aries:host of the party, but he can't even fit everyone in his sleeping room
  • Taurus:eating all the snacks
  • Gemini:wants to play truth or dare or kill fuck marry
  • Cancer:dressed in the most cozy pj's you'll ever see
  • Leo:telling their dramatic live stories
  • Virgo:cleaning up all the spilled drinks and food
  • Libra:trying to talk to everyone at the same time
  • Scorpio:hiding under the bed and scaring people
  • Sagittarius:sets up loud music and starts dancing like a retard
  • Capricorn:the one who's wants to sleep at 1 am
  • Aquarius:wants to go out at 1 am
  • Pisces:already sleeping..
Zodiac Signs by Demondre'

The Capricorn (12/23-1/20) - The miscellaneous

The Capricorn comes in many forms. They make good friends, but you soon see the frontier of a different exterior whom they’re trying to be/posses. It’ll always be Capricorn and an Aries; friendship or relations. Capricorns come off pessimistic, but it’s due to the cause of the need to socialize. If they aren’t socializing they’re detached and doing their own thing. But, don’t ever underestimate a cap. looks can be deceiving a Capricorn will never let you in on their true motives.

The Aquarius (1/21-2/18) - The original asshole

Aquarius always brings something new to the table. You’ll be attracted to their weird, yet friendly aura. Aquarius is loyal, as long as you never cross them. They’re very independent, which is why they have a guard up. Aquarius people are moody, so if you don’t hear from them out of nowhere, they’re probably enjoying some alone time. You’ll never know what to expect from an Aquarius because they’re very unpredictable.

The Pisces (2/19-3/20) - The vast lovers

Pisces are always approachable, because they always have a kind/genuine aura. Pisces enjoys life. They’ll party with you all night long, but is very family-oriented and never puts up with bullshit. When they love, they love hard almost making them vulnerable to heartbreak. Pisces are bi-polar, one minute they love you next they wish they never met you. But, you’ll be glad you have a Pisces on your team in the end.

The Aries (3/21-4/19) - The lone-wolf

Though they are introvert Aries make good friends, just well as enemies. Aries are odd characters, but once you get to know them you’re in for a ride. Aries don’t take much before they spaz out. They’re confrontational, and will ram into anything. Aries can be misguided , but don’t get it twisted they’re very intellectual. They’re generous and extravagant. They are Gods of War so don’t get on their bad side.

The Taurus (4/20-5/20) - The beauty and the beast

Taurus people have a temper that sky rockets out of this world, so don’t cross them or it’ll be a stampede towards you. Taurus people are very sensible, and charismatic. They always want to be the center of attention, which causes some people to shy away from them. Taurus people love to the extreme’s once in love. Taurus people are very protective with those they love. But, in a dark place they’ll do anything out of anger.

The Gemini (5/21-6/20) - Life of the Party

As you all know the Gemini have two different sides to them. They’re energetic and are always on the move. It takes a lot to put up with a Gemini because they’re very temperamental and sensitive. They’re sneak dissers, but they won’t be scared to go a round in the ring. Gemini has a big heart, but once they get crossed, the warm heart turns into an ice glacier. Gemini’s are always on the prowl searching for a lover, which could end in heartbreak or a never-ending relationship. Gemini’s are smart, they are most likely to be stable financially. 

The Cancer (6/21-7/22) - The loudmouth

A cancer is very loyal to family and those they call friends. Cancers are very sensitive people, almost too sensitive. One negative thing could trouble them for a while. They’re very dependable and outgoing. A cancer can’t keep a secret, they have to tell everything. Mostly, its information regarding with they’re own lives. A mad cancer will be emotionless on the outside but on the inside is a fuming snappy crab. Cancers are clingy so once they’ve became close/adapted to you they aren’t going anywhere. 

The Leo (7/23-8/22) - The Firecracker

Leo is that one individual that doesn’t give a f***! They don’t tolerate disrespect period. They’re very fun, outgoing, and considerate. Leo’s are young, they live for good times. Leo’s bounce back from anything, due to their prodigious pride. Leo’s like adventure, so they’re always out looking for the next thing. Leo’s never back down, all though there are chances they’ll hop on anything. 

The Virgo (8/23-9/23) - The Self-Centered Prick

Virgos come off as the best friend you’ve always wanted at first. Then later on down the road you see how arrogant, cold, self indulgent, and cruel they could be. Virgos have history, they portray innocence but a Virgo really is the opposite. Virgos are fussy, they always have to put their two cents in. The virgin that symbolizes them replicates a woman who keeps her true identity intact but comes off humanitarian and naive. Virgos grow up fast and build their life off of it. The virgin gets a hold of Pandora’s box and is curious enough to open it. Which makes them into who they are.

The Libra (9/24-10/23) - The devious

Libra’s are very gloomy. They’re eyes can either be a portal or a mirror. They can easily be manipulated or they can be the finesser. Their scale is weighs even, but soon it gets unbalanced they get placed in the middle of a storm. Libra doesn’t like to be alone. It’s easy for them to draw people in because they’re very sociable and charming. They’re eyes reveal a lot, they barely have to say much. 

The Scorpio (10/24-11/21) The poised

A Scorpio can be your best friend, or your worst enemy its all up to you. A Scorpio possesses this mystic aura that’ll attract you. A Scorpio is born with a psychic ability. Scorpios are restless, they’re always thinking. A Scorpio falls in love quickly, they make good lovers in bed but not relationship wise. A Scorpio gets taken for advantage majority of the time. A Scorpio’s passion runs deep. Once you’ve crossed a Scorpio, be aware, they’re plotting on you and scheming up a way to annihilate you. Scorpio comes off as trustworthy but doesn’t trust others. A Scorpio could be it’s own enemy.

The Sagittarius (11/22-12/22) - The Rebel 

Sagittarius people hold a piece of each and every zodiac sign. They’re known as the god of the gods. Sagittarius has this friendly exterior but beneath it is a lonesome individual who just wants to escape. The things Sagittarius does in life later reflects them down the road. It’s rare for a Sagittarius to clash with people but once they do things could go either way. The Sagittarius is loving, but their still a fire sign which causes them to be temperamental and they flare. They’re good at what they do, but they can sometimes be inconsistent. 

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( 100% accurate) legitimate things the signs have said to their moms
  • Aries:hey mom my periods a bit late get ready to call MTV
  • Taurus:can u not eat like that
  • Gemini:no mom I don't need help with my math homework
  • Cancer:mom I promise u this is a movie u don't want to see
  • Leo:if u take me to chipotle I promise I'll pay u back l8er
  • Virgo:srry mom I didn't get ur call I was too busy doing crystal meth
  • Libra:aye I know u just made dinner but— do u wanna order me a pizza plz
  • Scorpio:mom my friend wanted to come over but I didn't rlly want to hang out so I told her u said i couldn't do anything, ok?
  • Sagittarius:ok mom how about u let the dog outside
  • Capricorn:mom I'll be fine without a jacket ok
  • Aquarius:stop calling me I'm with my friends
  • Pisces:mom u legitimately do not understand
The signs as anime stereotypes
  • Aries: the superhero main character with way too much power
  • Taurus: the food maniac, does anything for food
  • Gemini: everyone thought they were the good guys but BOOM SURPRISE BITCH THEY’RE NOT
  • Cancer: the mother of the main character, probably dead
  • Leo: the trash character but THEY’RE SO HOT also yaoi hands
  • Virgo: the butler
  • Libra: the pretty boy/girl everyone has a crush on
  • Scorpio: seems like the bad guy, but he just likes the darkness
  • Sagittarius: always sporting or running
  • Capricorn: every guy with glasses ever
  • Aquarius: the weird one who only says confusing things
  • Pisces: the moe moe character
the signs when angered
  • Aries:starts a fist fight
  • Taurus:eats
  • Gemini:forgets why they're mad after a few hours
  • Cancer:shrugs it off and acts like nothing's wrong
  • Leo:sleeps off the rage
  • Virgo:gets overly dramatic
  • Libra:lashes out
  • Scorpio:constantly brings the problem up even when the situation is long over with
  • Sagittarius:gives the other person the cold shoulder and death stares
  • Capricorn:rants and rants and rants and rants
  • Aquarius:pretends like they aren't angered
  • Pisces:cries