Part 1: his dreams.

 我想要的未来,有爱我的人,有时间回家探望家人.夜晚开车去沙滩看天上的星星,数一数许许愿。 -  The future that I want, has people who love me, has the time for me to return home and visit my family.  I want to drive to the beach at night to see the stars in the night sky,to count the stars and make a wish. ©

This is why I find you special Zitao, because you’re human and despite being an idol, you act human.  You want the love and support that comes from being an idol, but yet you want the peace and calmness of a “normal life”.  A life where you can go to the beach and sit and think and drink coffee, you can sort through your thoughts by lying on a bed of grass and listening to music, and you can lull yourself to the sound of the ocean which you always seemed to love. Maybe you love the ocean so much because of the vastness of it, the endlessness, the countless possibilities and stories that hide beneath the waves.  Maybe you like watching the waves crash against the shore, watch as the water shatters against land, before bouncing back and returning to its state of calm.  The push and pull of the sea reminds me of your life as an idol, Zitao.  Trying to balance the fame, the attention, and the spotlight with your wishes to return home, to see your family, to have your grandmothers cooking and to count the stars in the sky.  I think there’s a part of you that wants both lives, but in the world we live in, you can only really have one.  However, although your future ahead might not be ideal, I think it still will be great, because you are great, Zitao, and I am so proud of all you have and will accomplish. 

Part 2: His wushu

Your skill, passion, and dedication in your wushu never fails to amaze me.  As someone who has been doing martial arts for years, I can never get over how truly talented you are - your kicks are so sharp, your flips and jumps are smooth and the way you move your body is so fluid.  I can’t imagine how many times you fell before you were able to perform a proper flip, how many times your body ached from practicing, how many times you’ve felt at the point of exhaustion and yet still got up for the next round of target practices, forms, or drills.   Your wushu is an art form in itself, and I never get tired of watching this teaser and seeing how beautiful your lines are and how almost inhuman you seem when you fly through the air.

This was your debut teaser, and honestly you caught my attention in just the first five seconds.  You stunned me with your talent and you made me want to train harder and to push myself even more as I know you must have done.   To be truly proficient in martial arts, you really do have to train both your mind and your body.  You have to learn the importance of patience and hardwork, you need to be able to listen and learn from others, and you have to be able to get back back up no matter how many times you fall.  You’re an inspiration, Zitao, and your wushu is only one reason why. 

Part 3: his love for his fans.

在任何国家,只要有EXO粉丝存在的舞台,我都可以去他家想要的。让自己的脸贴近他家,因为我想看你们看的更清楚,让你们触碰是想让你们知道那一瞬间我真的就在你们面前。每个人都是平等的!不分国家!不分肤色 ! - No matter which country, as long as it’s a stage with EXO’s fans, wherever you want, I can be there.  To let my face be close to yours, so I will be able to see you more clearly, and to let you guys touch me, so you know that at that moment I really am in front of you all.  All people are equal!  No matter the country!  No matter their skin color! - 130120 (x)