The term “Zionism” is not an epithet. Nor is anti-Zionism a mask for social hatred of Jews. The Exodus mythology justifying Israel’s foundation is unraveling & the dystopic vision of Zionism stands exposed by the barbarous excesses of Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza. There is no Biblical or historic claim to Palestine.

The Pentagon can arm Israel to the teeth with the latest high-power armaments, drone bombers, F-35 stealth fighters, & Iron Domes but it cannot give Israel justification for colonialism, for the expropriation & ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Israeli apartheid has no real theoretical defense. That’s why their only defense is to demonize Hamas & try to identify anti-Zionism with social hatred of Jews. But Zionism’s demise is written in its mission.

Zionism is a right-wing ideology originating in the late 19th century in response to persecution & pogroms against Jews in Europe. It emerged in an era when European colonialism in Asia, Africa, the Americas, & Pacific was starting to be addressed by progressive political forces. Dividing up the world & competing for plunder was a fundamental conflict between nations which led to the first World War. The socialists of the day believed racism & colonialism should be challenged & historically vanquished or it could destroy humanity.

Zionist ideologues, based on their privileged class, were hobbled in their vision of freedom from persecution by a belief in the superiority of Jews & a rejection of any kind of assimilation like modern nation-states entail. Thus Zionism in the historic contest between colonialism & social freedom for all, chose to side with colonialism, adopted its methods & perspectives to set up a Jewish-only state, & rejected the struggle against racism & colonialism.

The Jewish holocaust of WWII was part of European colonialism. What distinguished it was not the extreme barbarism against Jews. Europe & the US were long-involved in unimaginable crimes against Indigenes & black & brown-skinned peoples. Even the massive Atlantic slave trade is only a part of that horrific history. What distinguished the holocaust was that barbaric practices honed against colonized peoples were now being turned on European peoples in the metropolitan center.

There has always been strong objection by progressive Jews to the right-wing proposals of Zionists. Some of the most powerful writings & critiques are by Jews who detested the stinking elitism, wanted to ally the struggle against antisemitism to the struggle against racism & colonialism, & considered it treachery to ally with the forces of reaction. Many of them died in the holocaust while Zionists exploited it to peddle their nefarious scheme. What had been an ideology without a hope now became a social movement.

After 67 years of Zionist terrorism & colonial expropriation, of watching the US & European powers abet Zionists in setting up a country on their lands, Palestinians are finally marshaling the forces of justice & human rights around the world to stand with them. As Palestinian solidarity & the cultural & economic boycott (BDS) of Israel grows, Zionists will become more rabid. An Israeli law firm just won damages in a US federal court against the PLO & Palestinian Authority for fomenting terrorism. They have already begun to go after BDS groups as hate groups. Palestinians are up against the most powerful & reactionary forces in the world. They have not been daunted for 67 years by the odds against them. Nor should we be.

Build the economic & cultural boycott of Israel! Demand “No aid of any kind to Israel!”

The photo is street art in Gaza by the graffiti artist named Banksy who is doing a series to highlight the Palestinian struggle. This one of children swinging from an Israeli army watch tower is in the same town where Israel bombed the school used as a UN refugee center.
By Mary Scully

(Photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

when i was thrown on the street by a racist, zionistic republican she said that she would pay for the cab to take me to the bus station, where i could try to get from san diego to northern california. she didn’t, leaving me stranded with a 100 dollar cab fare to pay. all i had was the clothes on my back. i broke down and cried, and explained the situation to the Palestinian cab driver. he was disgusted at how they treated me, and what they did to me. he lifted the charge for the ride (had to call some guy named big mike first)

the kindness i received from a Muslim man in the face of complete abuse from Zionists has left me with no room to sympathize with th cause they attempted to push on me. The cause that exclaimed that all Muslims sought the death of the Jewish people, that they all sympathized with terrorists, that they were raised to be evil. All I saw was her teaching her son to be the things she apparently preached against. She would not allow him to talk to black people and yelled slurs at gay women in the parking lot of her sons school. She was disgusting, and she represents the sentiments of a growing majority of wealthy Jewish Americans. 

fuck Israel, and fuck Zionism

If the state of Israel will understand that the entire occupation is criminal, it’s wrong, it’s disastrous and it’s dangerous to people INCLUDING the Jewish people. If they would really be concerned with people in general AND the Jewish people, they should stop this occupation entirely.

We had a beautiful peace in Palestine before this movement of Zionism. We did live in peace, we can live in peace, and we will live in peace G-d willing if this political movement stops.

—  Rabbi Dovid Feldman 

Those who deem israel a democracy must remember that israel’s protection of the rights of gays, women and Jews extends only to its white population. Zionism is a white supremacist ideology, and as convenient as it is for israel to conflate Zionism with Judaism (and label opponents of Zionism “anti-Semites”), no government enacts anti-Semitism more violently than the israeli government, with the true Semitic peoples of North Africa and the Middle East (Jewish and otherwise) suffering ongoing genocide at the hands of the israeli defence force.

The Palestine movement is NOT AN ANTI-JEWISH MOVEMENT. To conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Jewish sentiment is to buy into the Zionist conflation of “Israel” with “Jewish.” That in and of itself is anti-Jewish: not all Jewish people are Israeli, not all Jewish people believe in Israeli colonization, and there were Jewish people before the state of Israel was founded and there will still be Jewish people after apartheid is smashed.

Anti-Zionists of all kinds should be furious about the Wuppertal synagogue “arson” ruling. If you believe there is a difference between verbal and physical attacks, this ruling tramples that distinction. If you believe there is a difference between the Jewish people and the state of Israel, this ruling tramples that distinction. If you believe there is a difference between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, this ruling tramples that distinction.

Whatever your politics, you should be furious that a molotov cocktail was thrown into a German synagogue, that terrorism against Jews has been redefined as “awareness-raising protest,” and that this redefinition has been carried out by a member of the current government of a country that orchestrated the Holocaust and, in collaboration with the rest of Europe, very nearly cleansed an entire continent of its Jewish population.


Ziyad Abu Ein, a 55 year old a PA minister,  suffocated from teargas inhalation after being beaten and strangled by Israel soldiers during a demonstration in the Palestinian village of Turmusaya. He was rushed to the ambulance to be taken to the hospital. Yet, he died on his way there.

Mahmoud Abbas comment on Abu Ein’s death, calling it “”a barbaric act which we cannot be silent about or accept”. Abbas has called for a three days of national mourning for Abu Ein. 

Boycott these beauty brands

The following brands fund the IDF (israeli defence force) and aid the genocide of palestinians and the forced sterilisation of Ethiopian citizens in israel


Johnson & Johnson

Estée Lauder:

  1. Aveda
  2. Bobbi Brown
  3. Bumble and Bumble
  4. Clinique
  5. Donna Karan
  6. La Mer
  7. M.A.C
  8. Michael Kors
  9. Origins
  10. Tom Ford (beauty)


  1. Clairol
  2. Head & Shoulders
  3. Natural Instincts
  4. Old Spice
  5. Rochas
  6. Secret
  7. Covergirl
  8. Fekkai
  9. Herbal Essence
  10. Max Factor
  11. Pantene
  12. Gucci (beauty)
  13. Dolce & Gabbana (beauty)
  14. Wella
  15. Hugo Boss
  16. Sebastian Professional
  17. Olay


  1. L’oreal
  2. Giorgio Armani
  3. Yves Saint Laurent
  4. Lancome
  5. Biotherm
  6. Kiehl’s
  7. Ralph Lauren
  8. Shu Uemura 
  9. Clarisonic
  10. Helena Rubinstein
  11. Viktor and Rolf
  12. Yue Sai
  13. Urban Decay
  14. Guy Laroche
  15. Garnier
  16. Maybelline
  17. Essie
  18. Kerastase 
  19. Vichy
  20. The Body Shop

Feel free to add to this post

Edit: NYX is now on the list as well since it’s owned by L’oreal 

Palestinians who throw stones, Molotov cocktails or firecrackers at protests against Israeli occupation forces “will be arrested and held in custody until the completion of legal proceedings,” The Telegraph reports.

“The same will apply to those waving ‘enemy flags’ — including the Palestinian flag — at demonstrations,” it explains. “Those convicted will lose social welfare benefits and drivers’ licenses for ten years.”


  • Listen to us
  • Don’t intrude on intra-community discussions
  • Recognize that Jewishness is not just a religion
  • Learn about racialized antisemitism
  • Listen to Jews when we talk about our racial identities. Don’t put labels on us.
  • Stop conflating Ashkenazim with all Jews.
  • Learn about different ethnic divisions: Abayudaya, Sephardic, Beta Israel (to name a few)
  • Learn about our history. Is the only thing you know the Holocaust?
  • Learn about the history of Zionism. Why did it form? Why do you support other oppressed groups’ right to have their own country but not Jews?
  • CALL OUT SJ BLOGS that post about every oppressed group but Jews. Message them. Challenge them.
  • Call out your friends. 
  • Criticize the media you consume. Critique their shitty Jewish representation—and I mean your favs: Harry Potter, Tangled, Orange is the New Black.
  • Criticize the model minority myth
  • NEVER compare a Jewish person/Judaism/or anything related to Jewishness with the Devil/Satan. Even if said person *is* a terrible person.
  • Recognize that there are secular/atheist Jews
  • Criticize Christians who say “Judaism is Christianity without Christ”/say the story of Moses is a Christian story/really anything that says Christianity is a more evolved form of Judaism.
  • NEVER compare Jews (even Zionist Jews) to Nazis.
  • Don’t try to reclaim the swastika.
  • Don’t appropriate our symbols or culture.
  • Stop conflating Judaism/Zionism/Israel
  • No stereotype is a good stereotype: cut the “nice Jewish boy” bullshit (especially since it’s parallel is the super misogynistic “overbearing/loud/pushy/spoiled Jewish girl)
  • When your fav does something antisemitic, and then apologizes, you don’t get to forgive them—that is only for Jews to do.
  • List that you’re a gentile on your blog.
  • Cut the crap about “Hitler was just misunderstood!”
  • Don’t use our genocide against us—why are you saying other groups were murdered in the Holocaust too? To recognize their struggles or to minimize the role antisemitism played? 
  • utilize tools like google and jewgle instead of bothering your Jewish friends.
  • Don’t call “Jewish features” ugly.
  • Call out anyone that actually believes Jews run the world/media/banks/slave trade etc.
  • read up on current antisemitic events (there’s a shit ton)
  • amplify Jewish voices

If you are unable to condemn anti-semitism without first criticizing Israel or identifying yourself as an “anti-Zionist” or “pro-Palestine,” you’re being anti-semitic.

If you begin every conversation about anti-semitism by asserting that anti-semitism is often or “nearly always” instrumentalized, exaggerated, or fabricated, you’re being anti-semitic. (Relatedly, I don’t think this is true and the Left’s willingness to swallow it whole and use it to attack or delegitimize Jews is troubling, but that’s another post.)

If you only condemn anti-semitism on the grounds that it “doesn’t help Palestinians” or “fuels the Zionists’ fire,” you’re being anti-semitic.

If you the only time you talk about anti-semitism is when you’re blaming Israel for it, you’re being anti-semitic.

If you only condemn anti-semitism to “define it down” so you and your allies are never guilty of it (i.e. condemning a neo-Nazi group but refusing to acknowledge left-wing or Islamist anti-semitism), you’re being anti-semitic.

If a Jew talking about anti-semitism fills you with rage, think about why that is. If you need Richard Seymour to give something an “anti-semitic/not anti-semitic” stamp instead of listening to Jews or asking yourself whether you’d tolerate the behavior if it were directed at, say, Muslims or gay men, think about why that is. Peace/shalom.


Banksy’den 2 dakikalık Gazze Belgeseli..

Kimliği bilinmeyen gizemli ressam Banksy, gizlice Gazze’ye gitti, gizli tüneller aracılığıyla şehre giriş yaptı. Resimler çizdi.. 2 dakikalık bir mini belgesel çekti. Banksy, videosundaki çizimlerle Gazze’deki durumun ne kadar kötü olduğunu tüm dünyaya anlatıyor.

Bir diğer çizim yıkık bir duvar üzerindeki kedi. Kedi bir metal yumağıyla oynuyor yüzünde hüzünlü bir ifadeyle. Banksy, Gazze konusunda dikkat çekmek için bu yönteme başvurduğunu, insanların en çok kedi yavrusu resimlerine baktığını da not düşmüş Banksy.

Bir diğer duvar resminde hapishanelerdeki bir gözetleme kulesinin lunaparktaki salıncaklar gibi kullanıldığı bir tasvir var. Banksy, bu çizimin hikayesini de, “Gazze çoğu zaman ‘dünyanın en büyük açık hava hapishanesi’ olarak tasvir ediliyor ancak bu hapishanelere haksızlık oluyor. Gazze’de elektrik yok ve içme suları da neredeyse her gün, her an kesilebiliyor” ifadeleriyle açıklıyor.

Tamamı yıkılmış bir evin kapısına bir resim çizmiş, adı “Bomba Hasarı”. Resimde Yunan mitolojisinde gururu yüzünden çocuklarını kaybettiği anlatılan Niobe’nin ağlarkenki hali tasvir edilmiş.

Videonun sonunda bir duvarın üzerinde kırmızı boyayla Banksy’nin yazdığı mesaj var:

"Güçlü ile güçsüzün savaşıyla ilgilenmezsek, güçlünün yanında saf tutmuş oluruz.."