O C E A N S.

Oceans will forever be a song that was pivotal is helping me understand my faith. Having faith doesn’t mean you will have an easy life where everything goes well for you. I know that last year, when I was in a deep, deep ocean of despair, loss, guilt, shame and ultimately sin, my faith grew stronger through trusting in Jesus. And I now know that in oceans deep, my faith will certainly stand because I have a God who is so faithful towards me.

[A list of some songs I'd recommend as requested by anon. Just a    
disclaimer,there may be songs that don't fall under the hip hop
genre in this list. But I hope you'll enjoy the playlist ( ´ ▽ ` )]

1. Hole in Your Face - Phantom
2. Hot Wings - Dynamic Duo 
3. In Front of the House - Geeks
4. Click Me - Zion. T
5. She’s There - Vida Loca
6. Question Mark - Primary
7. The Lady - 2LSON
9. Attraction - Bumkey
10. Cheers - Simon D  
11. 19 Songs - Phantom
12. On My Way - Dok2 & Zion. T
13. Stay Cool - Simon D
14. The Ceiling - Kye Bum Joo
15. I Like It - Bangtan
16. Suffocating - Geeks
17. I’m OK - Crucial Star
18. If I Die Tomorrow - Beenzino
19. Stupid in Love - Mad Clown & Soyu
20. Story of Someone I Know - San E
21. Love - Primary
22. Two Melodies - Zion. T
23. The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave - Leessang
24. Hocus Pocus - 2LSON
25. Rhythm is Life - Gaeko
26. It’s Been So Long - Ra.D
27. Don’t Believe That Story - MC Hansai
28. Slippin’ Away - Aziatix
29. Listen - Moon Myung Jin
30. Did Not Say Anything - BNR

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[Songs are listed in no particular order]