I can’t begin to express how absurd it is to me that a murderer, the man who murdered an innocent, unarmed black minor, is celebrated as a celebrity and turned into a spectacle in this country. It is so abhorrent how this country will validate anyone and anything for the sake of entertainment. 

I literally don’t give a shit if it’s because “people want to see him get beat up”. I want him to pay for his crimes as well but this need to turn that punishment into a spectacle is so absurd. This is not a fun skit on SNL; this is a real murderer, a real person who ruined people’s lives, a real person who exemplifies the ways in which racism is not only prevalent but continues to be institutionalized in our criminal justice system. This is not a segment on SNL. 

Capitalist corporate media will capitalize upon literally anything for the sake of profits and entertainment. It makes me cringe how fixated on entertainment this society is. 

Everything must be entertaining in order to even be acknowledged. Murder as entertainment (remember how the trial was covered?); war as entertainment (remember how the Iraq war was covered?); religion as entertainment (just look at how we judge our conferences); news as entertainment; education as entertainment; health as entertainment.