So here it goes

The overseas leg for India started in 2013 with the tour to SA


Then NZ - one tied ODI and Baz’s triple 100 not to mention that one day in the 1st Test where 16 wickets fell (WTF!)

Then England - Lord’s and the ODI series win

Then 4 months of Australia with Kohli and Smith batting in races, that little hope in Adelaide and Sydney and of course KL Rahul’s debut.

Not to mention Shami, Bhuvi (HOW COULD I FORGET HIM), Ishant Sharma (yes!), Rahane, Dhawan, Kohli, Vijay, Ashwin (who’s been so so so good this overseas leg!) and MSD for maintaining their sanity to play career defining moments through this year and half journey

Entering this WC, no one gave India half a chance. Unbeaten in the group stage and 70 wickets in 7 games after our bowlers were termed ‘the worst bowling attack’ of the top 8 nations. Rohit and Dhawan actually being a good opening partnership and Rahane’s knock vs SA. Raina’s 100 vs Zim and Rohit’s vs Bangaldesh. Kohli’s 100 vs Pakistan and the team performance vs WI. The good moments of this WC will triumph over this really disappointing defeat not just in terms of the way the chase played out but of how the batting simply crumbled (albeit against really good bowling)

But now go on MS Dhoni and hug your daughter because that’s what you deserve. ALL OF YOU GUYS DESERVE A BREAK NOW!!

Kilian Fischhuber in Zimbabwe: Sisyphos* at work.

*Greek Mythology: King Sisyphus was punished to endlessly roll a huge boulder up a steep hill, due to his hubristic belief that his cleverness surpassed that of Zeus himself. Zeus accordingly displayed his own cleverness by enchanting the boulder into rolling away from King Sisyphus before he reached the top which ended up consigning Sisyphus to an eternity of useless efforts and unending frustration. Thus it came to pass that pointless or interminable activities are sometimes described as Sisyphean, [otherwise known as bouldering]. 


Zimbabwe’s dictator tried to cover up his fall at a rally. The Internet had other plans.

As reviled 90-year-old Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe left the podium after a celebratory speech commemorating his election as chairman of the African Union in Harare on Thursday, he tripped over a fold in the carpet and fell to his knees.

The president’s security detail attempted to forced members of the local press to delete all photos of the incident, and Zimbabwe’s government issued a forceful denial that the incident had happened at all. 

But the internet never forgets.