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The Clincher - Chevelle 



The ginger female dwarf threw her hands up and shook her head. “You’re a fucking idiot, Wolf!”

"Oh, that’s new!" the goblin sitting at the table spat out sarcastically.

"Oh shut the fuck up, both of you!" Cristianno leaned his seat back and crossed his arms.

"Oh, now we have to shut the fuck up? You could have ruined this fucking job for us! Come on, Captain!” The goblin Ziggly shook his head and spit on the floor beside him.

"Yeah but I didn’t. Everything is as scheduled. So fuck off."

"Zig has a point. What were you thinking?" the dwarf asked.

"I wasn’t, alright, but that’s done and we’re on schedule. Just back off! Both of you!"

"You’re being a little bitch, Wolf," smirked Ziggly.

"You want me to show you a little bitch? I shove your fucking face in a mirror!" Cris slammed his hands on the table and rose off the chair. "Fuck you two." He marched off, leaving the tavern.

Ziggly laughed and looked at Gerty, who was sighing and shaking her head. “You saw him. He was being a little bitch, right?” The dwarf nodded.


Ziggly Marley - Kozmik 

Directed by Stephane Sednaoui. 

Dated looking now but the effects used in this very are very effective. The use of the human body to make different shapes and create different illusions is very effective. This is what I hope to capture in my latest project. Stephane also directed “Give it Away” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers which I will now post to compare the two videos. You can see in both how effective colour and body movements are. 

#Stephane Sednaoui #musicvideo director #kozmik #ziggymarley 

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☤ - Depending on their type, how they walk into a busy room, when everyone looks at them.

You’re A Wolf - Sea Wolf    and   Drumming Song - Florence + the Machine (instrumental)


"Hey, look who just walked in…"
"That the Seawolf guy?"
"That’s captain to us.”
"He’s a fucking idiot. Captain fucking idiot."
"Tried to claim the southwestern sea. Who died and gave him power?"
"That other fucker who went only by The Captain."
"That whole group was full of shit."
"And he’s back to show us who’s boss, eh?"

The man froze after his final word as a gun was pointed to his head. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but hear you two assholes talking about me?” Cristianno grinned widely. “Anything I should be aware of?”

The man shook his head and the man’s companion pulled his gun out, pointing it at Cristianno. Just as instant, Gerty had her shotgun out and Ziggly held two daggers to the second man’s neck. 

"You want to keep fucking with me? Because I have more crew members itching to spill some blood. Go ahead." Cristianno smirked and leaned toward the man, whispering in his face, "Get the fuck out." As soon as the gun was moved from his head, the man left and his companion rushed after him.

Cristianno laughed and gestured to his friends, “Come on, let’s go get us a table.”

A Night Alone

Everyone had left them alone for the evening. It was an escape from the family, the troubles, and especially the baby twins, who were just starting to take their first steps and getting into trouble with every little step they took. The hut, which was usually the center of activity for the family, was now an intimate place for Alaia and the Captain. 

Alaia cooked dinner and Cristianno ate every bite with much pleasure. She always knew how to satisfy him with her cooking, and he was more than happy to eat what she made. They talked and laughed, especially when Cristianno told stories of his time with the Anglers, or when Ziggly sent a message from being out at sea. They argued about several things that happened at home, but all was forgotten when their hands touched. 

Cristianno pulled Alaia up and they danced to the silence surrounding them in the candle-lit room. He spun her out and her silk flowing dress made her look angelic. They returned to their seats and nibbled on the chocolates and sweets she had made earlier.

When Alaia began to speak about the children, Cristianno reached into his pocket and pulled out a red ribbon. She didn’t notice what he was doing. He held her hand in his and carefully tied them together. Once Alaia stopped talking, she noticed the ribbon around her hand. “What are you doing?” she asked with a chuckle.

"My lovely, I gift you with tokens of my appreciation year-round. There is nothing that you ever need. If there is, I am more than willing to give it to you. You have even managed to keep me here with you instead of sailing the world. There is nothing I cannot give you the entire year that can be unique to this day. Therefore, I give you this ribbon. It is my color of preference: red. And it is a color you have taken as your own as well. Go ahead, try to pull away."

Alaia chuckled and playfully pulled her hand away from his, but the knot was well done. “That’s not fair. You know how to tie knots.” In her defense, she was familiar with the sea, so she knew what type of knot it was, but she let him speak. 

"Since I have nothing to give you, I give you this reminder: You are mine. You are mine and only mine. If you try to pull away from me, you will not be able to. I will kill the man who attempts to steal you from me. I will destroy towns and lives until I find the man who shares your bed. And I will kill him. You belong to me."

Alaia’s smile slowly faded and she nodded, looking down. He was a possessive man, this she knew, and she knew how obsessed he could get. It was something she understood when she married him. 

Cristianno placed his finger under her chin and lifted her head up. His blue-green eyes were gazing at her. “Look at me, Alaia.” Her eyes slowly looked up at him. “But just as you are mine, I am yours. I am yours and only yours. If I ever try to pull away from you, I will not never be able to. I know my flirtatious ways are many, but I will never give in to temptation. I may steal a kiss or two, but I will never share a bed with another woman, because I know that you will destroy any woman who attempts to take me away from you. I know your wrath and I’m sure you will destroy towns and lives as well. I belong to you.”

Alaia smiled and nodded, her eyes brimmed with tears. “I love you, my lovely,” Cristianno said, his thumb caressing her skin. 

"I love you," she replied. She rose off her chair and straddled his lap, her hand wrapping around his shoulder and her fingers dangerously close to the scar surrounding his neck. 

Her lips kissed his earlobe and she whispered, “You are mine.” Cristianno smiled at the familiar words he usually uttered and leaned his head to kiss her shoulder. Alaia’s fingers traced down from his earlobe, to his fiery red hair, and back to his neck, this time touching the erogenous scar and triggering his lust. His hand gripped onto her hip and he looked up at his wife.

"Oh, my goddess," he whispered and she leaned down to silence his lips with a kiss.

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