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i was just suddenly hit with genderqueer Zico feels and i thought you'd be the best person to share them with. He looks like he has 'masc' and 'feminine' gender presentations, or a combo of both that are more androgynous, and i think that he feels better/happy when he presents in the way that feels comfortable to him at the time but then he goes back to feeling 'masculine' or 'cis' and tries overcompensating and feeling like queerness is strange.

and i think that being queer as far as sexuality goes would mess him up too because maybe, having internalized the gender roles and bullshit, he feels driven to express his attraction to men when he’s feeling ‘feminine’ and vice versa when he’s feeling 'masculine’, but then he’s confused when he likes men and is being 'masculine’? and he doesnt like that, it’s gross, so again, he overcompensates. idk he was looking so pretty all of a sudden i started thinking about it!

It’s been so long (too long) since I thought about conflicted genderqueer Zico, wow. Thank you for this, I love getting NCNS headcanons! I can totally see all of this