Sorry this is not the most attractive but I felt you should see how special you are to me. These blogs are beyond amazayn, they are extrodinharry, they are so brilliam, and phenominiall, follow if you will?

Musicmakeslifepossible - Fiercexfabulous - Saphsicle - Slap-shot - truthneversetmefree - Jamesmaslowsabs - kayleemcinsomelittrell - bringingwordstolife - Cheesepieftw - Lourryislove - Ziamobsessed

The edit is ugly lol, but Merry Christmas. I love you all. :) xx

ziamobsessed replied to your photo

yes, this one makes more sense now.. rofl last one took me like 2 minutes to understand ;)

:) so I was making rice, right? and idk I was imagining ziam doing the nasty and zayn saying “get up from bed, lee yum, I’m waiting for you in the bathroom” and I was like “omg my gif! why didn’t I add "from the bed” so it sounds sexy and make me look even more like a pervert!“ eheheh, so I re did it and I was like "el oh el” the whole time I was making it.
^this was a useless paragraph but I just wanted to tell you lol