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i knowww omg now you know what im gonna do its ur fault

lilo is a no

yeah no thanks harry

i still cant believe he told liam to move away from harry i can not BELIEVE

anyway lirry is a no too


tries to ignore

he cant do this oh my god  

SO niam is a no as well

but then is ANYBODY allowed near liam!?

wat are you doing liam


yeah thats better.

“somebody was staring at Liam’s chest and I thought I’d jump on the comedy wagon and I tweeted ‘the awkward moment when someone’s staring at your girlfriend’s boobs’ I was talking about Liam’s boobs”  WELL WHAT DO U KNOW

hoe dont do it

oh my god

does he care if theyre doing an interview?!


so children, what we have learnt today is to stay away from liam because

you dont wanna wake the monster in zayn


Play this as i am being lowered into my grave.

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Hi, I love your blog and your answers to questions! I loved the post about Larry blogs and their refusal to entertain the idea of Ziam. I often find myself wondering if there is a connection between Liam's media persona, which includes ignorance and unintelligence, that has been widely accepted by these blogs and Zayn's persona as introspective, intelligent, and haughty, and their perceived incompatibility which allows these blogs to dismiss the possibility of a relationship between the two. 1/2

These blogs seem to have willingly and wholeheartedly accepted the narrative surrounding Zayn and Liam’s personalities. They all seem to be very concerned with intelligence, often using their own non fandom intelligence as evidence that their claims are correct. I wonder if their own prejudice regarding intelligence allows them to dismiss a possible relationship between Z/L due to their acceptance of the boys media personas. Keep doing what you’re doing. I love it.

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for the lovely words!  I honestly do appreciate it.

So my inbox blew up because of those Larry vs. Ziam posts!  I admit I was afraid to publish those posts for fear of being tag shaded and trashed, or bombarded with defensive messages about “not all Larries…,” as I’ve heard other Ziam bloggers have been for talking about the Larry vs. Ziam divide in the fandom.  And no, I have never said all Larries—there are many cool Larries.  But these problems are endemic to a certain cast of Larrie, one that even other Larries have been unhappy with and have called out.  So it is very reassuring and encouraging that people seem to want to talk these issues.

Well, to start, the Tunnel Visioned Ones eat up so much of the bullshit that 1DHQ spews about Zayn and Liam and even Niall because they don’t see—in some cases refuse to see—how consistent patterns of fuckery and shadiness apply to them like they do to Harry and Louis.  You are absolutely right: they totally buy the official narrative that Zayn is a moody, oversexed, ungrateful druggie and that Liam is a dumb jock.  So what’s another bullshit persona that they buy?  That Zayn and Liam are straight.

As for their preoccupation with intelligence, and particularly Liam’s purported lack of it, I consider that covert classism and collateral racism.  Liam ain’t poor or brown but the way that folks talk about him, you would think he was and that said folks had a problem with it.  After Duck Dynasty-gate and “100% not gay” some blogs dedicated long posts to analyzing his alleged character faults, and the talk was very racialized and reeked of “white trash” tropes: he is a chav, he is a drunk, he is trashy, he is stupid, he is ignorant, he is homophobic.  It’s no coincidence that the one who has black friends, likes hip hop and R&B, and has always been the closest to Zayn has been pinned as the bad white boy.

Whereas Liam is pinned as stupid, Zayn is often pinned as the band’s intellectual but I think that is a backhanded compliment.  It’s not that the real Zayn is not intelligent—he clearly is—but the fake persona “Zayn” is only “intelligent” insofar as he is also “sneaky,” “mysterious” and therefore “dangerous” and “unpredictable”—classic racist and Islamophobic stereotypes.  That stereotype is partly what drives the Zerrie narrative: that Zayn lies to Perrie and sneaks behind her back, that he is shifty and shady, that he cannot be trusted.

What is ridiculous about these characterizations is not just how cruel and demeaning they are, but how obvious it is that they are wrong if you pay attention.  How can someone like Liam, who actively co-writes and co-composes the band’s music, knows how to play up the official narrative when necessary yet throws epic shade, and expresses himself well in interviews, be stupid?  He has shown himself to be very intelligent.  How can someone like Zayn, who is described by his bandmates as kind and thoughtful, who was willing to fight paps for pushing down Niall, and has broken character to defend the others from their own slanderous personas, be dangerous or ungrateful?  He is clearly a person of integrity who is loyal to and caring toward his boys.  How sad that some miss out on that in buying their uglier, shallower personas.

What is weird is that it is common to hear these big blogs say something along the lines of, “Zayn and Liam are cute together but I just don’t see it.”  So despite playing into Zayn and Liam’s awful public images, I don’t think perceived incompatibility is quite the issue.  I think hateful double standards and ignorance, sometimes willful, is the real problem.

Right Next to You! - Gender-bent Ziam (I totally didn’t do this as an excuse to draw boobs I swear)

Liam and Zayn look beautiful together no matter what. Took the liberty of making the Ten-inch Payne Train translate into impressive curves. (Also, I debated whether to draw to girl!Zayn in gorgeous desi clothing, I was really tempted…)

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(1) So on your last answered ask you talked about when Zayn and Liam had broken character in interviews and other things, so I was wondering if you have any links to any of those incidents or interviews. I do like 100% believe in ziam because of you

(2) and other prominent ziam blogs but I am also new into the fandom so I haven’t seen everything Ziam related and would like to. Please.

Hi Anonymous,

Welcome!  Since you’re new, I am going to refer you to dailydoseofziam​’s Ziam reading recommendations and I Like Your Skirt Mary’s videos.  The reading recs are mostly very good and the ILYSM videos are very long and thorough.

As for moments where Zayn and Liam break character, there are so many that I wouldn’t know where to begin.  There are moments where they behave romantically in public, moments where they make it obvious they don’t really like their “girlfriends,” moment where they make it obvious they don’t like each other’s “girlfriends,” moments where they make sexual innuendos, moments where they throw shade at the official narrative, moments where they simply don’t play the persona assigned to them…the list goes on and on.  More after the jump.

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One year today since we watched “You and I” live for the first time and witnessed Liam get so overwhelmed by Zayn’s solo and the fans singing along that he got to hug Niall (start at 2:52). Cute memory. 

One Direction - Where We Are Tour - Bogota - Colombia - 25.04.2014 

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Hiiii can u rec me some ziam soulmate Au??? xx

Unfortunately we’re severely lacking in soulmate verses that reach all qualifications (lengthy, well-written, entertaining,etc.), but there are some. Soulbond fics are common among a/b/o fics, which I count as the same thing. Most of these I found on ao3.

Disclaimer: Please make sure to check all tags.

i’ll always have you (3078) by somerdaye:
what if tattoos just randomly appeared on our skin at key points in our lives and we had to figure out what they meant for ourselves?

we were in screaming colour (7966) by ghostrider (ziamasf):
“I came to get yo- I mean I came to see you,” Zayn says, “I want to talk to you. I think you and I-”
“After dumping my best friend, you come here to get me?” Liam says, he pokes a finger at Zayn’s chest, “Listen, I might find you attractive but I am not going to stand here while you try to flirt with me.”
(aka where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.)

feel you in my bones (15,645) by asiacore (liamwayne):
There’s a feeling you get when you see your Alpha….

Breathe (27,173) by yukii23:
Because everything started and ended with a deep breath.
“You don’t understand, you and your scent that it’s everywhere, making me so helpless and I just…want to stop breathing.”
“It’s you who doesn’t understand Zayn,if you ever stop breathing,I’m going to stop too, because there’s not a chance I could live in a world without you.”
“I hate you. You ruined my life.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”

A Burning In My Soul (6552) by zaynophilic:
This kiss has none of the electric, desperate urgency of a first kiss. It’s more like - hi, good morning. I kissed you good-night and I’m kissing you good morning. And I’m going to kiss you again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.
It sends a hot throb of love to Zayn’s heart, a pulse that seems to echo through his body, vibrate down his spine and his arm, into his hand where his heartmark is pressed against the tender round of the stranger’s shoulder and Zayn - Zayn knows, he know this boy, he knows this body and this mouth, but the knowledge, the name he needs is like trying to grasp a bar of soap and it just slips out of his grasp, and -
Or: The one where Zayn’s been dreaming for months now, and he’s tired of waiting.

Spectrum (7888) by supercalifragili:
“His mum always told him colours were life, she always smiled and divulged secrets about how nice it is to see oranges and yellows and the entire spectrum of colours. Zayn’s world is in a gradient of white to black, still. But, he hears his soulmate in cold nights, under the comforting warmth of his blankets, and he knows that he will see colours soon too”
Or, Zayn lives in a colourless world until he meets Liam.

The Beauty of Pain (5528) by Romancemesomeziam:
“Maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soul mate and you get the same marks on your skin as them.” ***
When Zayn spends his entire life experiencing the pain and suffering of a person he has yet to met, but loves deeply.

A Little Bit Of Time (79,208 WIP) by Morganmay92:
Zayn is totally is infatuated with his across the hall neighbor that goes by the name of Liam.
He has had a crush on this lad for nearly three years since he moved into the apartment complex. They’re acquaintances, but not anything more even though Zayn believes they are destined to be together.
Harry is married to his high school sweetheart, but is having a bit of trouble. Accusations of Louis cheating on him are making rounds. He isn’t sure what to believe anymore, but things aren’t adding up.
Louis slipped up once with this girl and after years of progress and trust building… but it’s happened again possibly.
Both boys are best mates and dealing with dramas, what will come to make life easier? When will things ease and be better again?

Hurry Up and Save Me (2366) vsky949
AU. Zayn is happy; he’s popular at school and that is all that matters. Not those soft, stupid, lovely brown eyes that fill his mind every minute. Those definitely don’t matter.
Except they really, really do.

Charmless (3906 WIP) by bemoretea:
Where everyone in the world has a necklace with a charm that takes the shape of half of a heart and connects them to their soul mate.
Zayn’s the only idiot that loses his, and it’s not a problem until he meets Liam - the gorgeous guy whose only determination is to find his soul mate - and things get complicated.

Fate can you hear me? It’s Zayn (4377) by lonelywaywardwolf:
Little things go first. Things that we would be able to live without if they were lost. As time progresses, things we hold dear to our hearts start to disappear too. But as we lose we gain. We gain knowledge from the person we are destined to live the rest of our lives with. As well as hope for the future.

So This Is What It Feels Like (Being At The Right Place At The Right Time) (2869) by dianoutte:
What if a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate?
Liam set up a Timer, but it never worked. Will he ever meet his soulmate?
Or, the one where Liam gave up, Louis is annoying, Niall and Harry aren’t really important in the story and Zayn is the best. (And I suck at summaries).

Times Running Out (1644) by magicmaddy:
“Liam, we’ve already been over this. You can’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It just happens” Harry said with a stern look on his face. They’ve obviously had this conversation before.
“But what if-”
“No buts Liam, we’ve already talking about this. It’s hard to explain. But it’s like your body kinda just goes where it needs to go”
or the one where everyone has a clock engraved on their arms and its counting down to the moment they meet the one.

all my heart (2883) by pillowziam:
After class, Liam raced so quickly to get to his calculus course that he forgot to get his pen back. Although, Zayn couldn’t quite leave his mind. For the rest of the day, it was shaking legs and tapping pencils while feeling that the boy with the red sweater could be behind him. Who was he? Why did Liam care so much? Every metronomic heartbeat and soft noise in his peripheral was Zayn. Liam carried him around until evening, hoping to see him lighting a cigarette or wandering the halls.

Soulbro (6387) by The HedgehogSong:
“You’re joking right guys?” Zayn asks in a strangled voice. “You’re saying you’ve been like freaking soul bonded or something to each other.” Liam looked over at Zayn who has a distressed look on his face.
“Hey hey.” Liam placated, moving away from Louis and stroking Zayn’s arm. “What’s soul bonded?” Liam asks, his head was starting to hurt not touching Louis.
Ziam soul-bonded fic with a twist

Whatever our souls are made of (44,304 WIP) by supersoulmates, vastlyunknown (awoopsehdaiseh), zaynophilic:
Zayn’s eyes widen as the boy turns around with a frown. Something new and dizzying happens when their eyes connect. The quiet hum in his veins becomes a booming symphony, pulsing loudly through him. He can actually feel his power expanding to every bit of him, like it’s trying to reach out. Outside of Zayn. That has never happened before. He feels it pushing him forward, feels it clawing at his skin, feels it singing in his blood.
Or: Zayn has a secret, Liam also has a secret but the biggest mystery remains how they can’t see what’s right in front of them.

Four Arrows (Led You to Me) (11,606) by erotiziam (eroticliam):
An au where people get tattoos of their soulmates and everyone works in a hotel
(AKA the one where I wanted an excuse to do handy man!Liam and soul mates)

Addicted to Ziam 100% (90,834) by Mickey_D:
This is a collection of Ziam oneshots. Quite a few involve soul bond.

I hope this is useful!