Title: The Ground Whereon He Walks

Author: StormDancer

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Niall Horan

Rating: Explicit

Tags:  Alternate Universe - Non-Famous, Alternate Universe - Grad Students, Niall Horan & Harry Styles Friendship, Oblivious Zayn            

Word Count: 39,096


“You could come home with me.”

“Yeah?” Zayn turns, waggles his eyebrows and leers. “You offering yourself as a rebound?”

“Hah,” Niall snorts, and glances down at the ground. “No, like. I’m going home to spend the summer, you could tag along, if you wanted.”

Zayn blinks. “To Ireland?”

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Happiest Place On Earth for cupofwanderlust

It’s always weird. Each time he sees the actual character he’s surprised people recognize him. Then again, he never saw himself as any type of royalty.


Or the AU where OT5 work as face characters at DisneyLand and Zayn’s hopelessly in love with an Irish Faerie.

words: 5363

rating: general audiences

warnings: mild language

side pairings: harry styles/louis tomlinson, liam payne/sophia smith, leigh-anne pinnock/jade thirlwall 

Niall has been warned a thousand times not to go near him, but something tells him that Zayn maybe isn’t as bad as he seems, and he can’t help but melt every time the leather-clad bastard gives him one of his rare smiles.

Or Niall is a good boy from Ireland and should be listening to his best friend and staying away from boys like Zayn, but apparently his sanity has gone out the window. Zayn sleeps with anything he finds beautiful and is a little too honest for his own good. Harry takes far too many drugs to escape the badness in the world. Louis just wants to love Harry. And Liam just wants to strangle them all.

Written By: Phillipa19

chaptered/wip + university/au + mature

Note: When your brain warns you that you should stay away from wip fics. But your heart tells you that this is the best friends with benefits you’ve ever read and the drama is going to make you cry. /shot/

- Kendra

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Ziall: 22!!!

22 - “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

there’s a guy in the library, who sits in the back corner every week without fail, and looks like a greek god. he’s beautiful, all high cheekbones and long eyelashes. he’s got a shaved head which only emphasizes his beautiful features and niall is sick to the back teeth of him.

the thing is, niall can’t stop looking at him. he really should be revising for his chemistry exam (no matter how hungover he is from last night), but the boy is so distracting.

“niall, for fucks sake.” louis says, flipping through his drama notes. “it’s been nearly a month, just go and talk to the bloke.”

niall turns to him. “what?”

louis rolls his eyes in an extremely patronizing manor. “don’t play dumb. if you want to go and talk to cheekbones over there, just do it. you remind me of harry when he thought liam didn’t like him back.”

niall blanches; that phase hadn’t been a pretty look for harry. thank fuck he and liam had started dating - niall didn’t think he could take another sonnet about liam’s lips or hands, no matter how nice they were.

“i’m busy.” niall insists, looking up at the guy again. he’s absorbed in what look like revision notes, glasses perched on the end of his nose. “besides, i’m sure he’s already got plenty of people after him. i need to pass this exam.”

“whatever you say, nialler.” louis grins. “don’t come complaining to me when your boner won’t go down.”

“go fuck yourself.”

they sit in relative silence for the rest of the night, niall putting his headphones in, occasionally taking them out to answer louis’ questions about whether or not a certain sentence sounds alright.

he looks up at the god guy a few times, only when he’s sure the guy isn’t looking back. maybe he should go and talk to him, he’s never had a problem talking to people before. the only thing is, this guy is so clearly out of his league with his looks and niall doesn’t even know if he’s into guys. cheekbones could have a girlfriend for all niall knows.

when it gets to 2 am, cheekbones gets up, placing his notes back in his bag as niall watches him sneakily over the top of his chemistry notes. as he passes louis and niall’s table, he bends down to pick a piece of paper up off the floor and places it on niall’s desk.

“i think you dropped this,” he says with a strong yorkshire accent, less deep than harry’s. his smile is adorable, eyes crinkling in the corners.

“thanks mate.” niall offers. the guy nods, walking off out of the library. niall looks down at the note, realising that the paper is a different colour than his own or louis.

i’ve seen the way you look at me when you think i don’t notice. maybe we could have an actual conversation? 07797296158 - zayn ;P

louis’ grin is shit eating, but niall has a feeling low in his stomach, warm and fluttering.

'Date' Night.

Zayn and I had the weekend alone so it had been pretty quiet and I was pretty much glued to his side, he said yesterday he wanted to take me on a date of his choosing which I agreed. he had told me to meet him there around 7 which I also agreed upon. Once Zayn left the house I got ready and waited, it only took about 10 minutes to get there so I planned on leaving at 6:40. I felt a bit off though, but I had no idea why.


my only issue with being a ziall shipper whilst reading larry is that im always expecting zayn to start flirting with niall and then i feel shocked, offended and let down when i read on to find zayn and liam start hooking up.