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Gao Yanping biggest wish is my husband can feed himself,hogan.

To this day, the 41-year-old woman has been waiting for three years,louboutin, she did not know how much longer.

Her husband Zhu Cheng experienced in a car accident 13 years ago. Three years ago, due to infection of the brain, the accident caused epileptic seizures, Zhucheng Cheng a vegetative state.

This three-year high Yanping for his care,, one day did not stop too.

Despite the desire to seem out of reach, but she said yesterday that she would stick to it, do not give up.

Yesterday, “People’s Daily,” the official micro-blog with “If you never betray, I would in life and death,abercrombie,” so sensational words to describe the high Yanping and her husband’s feelings.

3 years ago into a vegetative state

High Yanping home village head in Deqing County, Portland raft tree Village.

This is a house built 30 years ago, had not white white walls, and even windows and doors are not shut tight due to disrepair.

Zhu Cheng, 43 years old, he used to be a aftermarket division.

One day in 2000, he repaired a tractor, and then drove on the road test, the results accidentally hit a tree.

The accident, Zhu Cheng’s head and legs were seriously injured. After treatment, although not usual, but come down to earth to walk,, self-care is not a problem, “Sometimes you can also help me to do some housework.” High Yanping said.

Quiet life was broken again, in 2011.

Zhu Cheng did not really recovered after the accident, so he had epilepsy.

That day,louboutin, he suddenly brain infection, headache, seizures – went to the hospital, after repeatedly surgery, spent more than 40 million medical expenses.

Zhu Cheng’s life was saved, but since then become a vegetable.

High Yanping said Zhu Cheng addition will blink,abercrombie pas cher, the head slightly from side to side occasionally can “talk to him did not respond.”

To feed a meal to two hours

Became a vegetative state after Zhu into even simple chewing and swallowing function also lost the initiative.

Gao Yanping afraid of her husband bad digestion, porridge fed more often, but occasionally feed rice. When food is relatively hard,, she’ll chew food, then mouth-to-mouth feeding.

But even so, Zhu to put food in your mouth, and sometimes do not know how to swallow – this time,hollister, high Yanping will take the spoon in his mouth and gently stir several times,, then sent him containing a saliva mouth ……

Gao Yanping said that such a meal to feed down, she probably spend more than two hours, “porridge together have more than one hour.”

And let Gao Yanping most difficult is that she did not know, my husband is really full.

In fact, feeding, only a part of her husband’s care.

Zhu into a thin face, awake,hogan outlet, eyes wide open although very large, but he had no reaction to the room where all movement.

Because bedridden, his hands and feet had shrunk significantly, “the blood circulation is not smooth ah.”

High Yanping husband’s body in order to slow down as much as possible to shrink a day at least 3 times to give him a massage:

First shot 10 under his left leg, then clockwise by 10, and then down the leg, and rub back and forth, then change to the right leg and arm and, finally, to help her husband to stand up, beat beat back.

Gao Yanping said that these massage techniques are learned from the doctor, the whole process should be down almost an hour.

Gao Yanping very careful,abercrombie france, even at night, she did not complete slept a good sleep.

In her husband’s bedside, she gave themselves take a little shabby bed sheets – her husband was asleep, she would sleep,hollister france, but one night, had to urinate at least two or three times.

More than 1000 yuan monthly salary of supporting the family

There is a reason frequently urinate,

Gao Yanping said that in addition to her husband regularly stand outside, her husband urine can not take care of themselves. High Yanping prepared a cupboard full of diapers, which is washed with old clothes sewn up after, and dirty to wash and reuse.

And most in need of companionship is her moment, her husband once the sudden onset of epilepsy will twitch, “Sometimes he will bite the tongue.” Then she would take a spoon into the mouth of her husband – was afraid to hurt her husband,lancel soldes, she specifically tied to the outside spoon some cloth.

High Yanping family has five people: In addition to her husband,hollister france,, she has a son is reading the first two days, and the older laws.

Husband into a vegetative state, an economic burden,, naturally,, the pressure in her a person – because her husband accident, her family there were still 100,000 yuan debt did also.

She got a job waiter in a local farmhouse, give her more than 1,000 yuan a month income.

The live, asked her to start at 9:00 am to 6:00 in the evening, had in a restaurant – this time, she could not take care of her husband, and it helped in the care of her mother.

Perhaps, she is currently the only good news is that the body of laws fairly tough, the son is also very sensible, not too many things to worry about her.

Was friends known as “the most beautiful wife.”

Despite little hope to wake her husband, but high Yanping said she still persevered.

In her view, as long as her husband is still alive, his son would still Dad, “I can not give up.”

These days, local authorities informed that the matter has been sent to visit too Yanping one. For example, Deqing County civil awards of the Association will organize a group of people went to her house, sent some gifts and so on.

Two days ago, after she was sent home on the microblogging thing, also triggered a heated debate – High Yanping has been called “the most beautiful wife.”

Some netizens said:. “This oath every couple should have said, but not all couples can truly act she used to tell us, talked about, and do not be far from the most beautiful woman, a happiest man. ”

There netizen said: “! She might not make big money, maybe not say beautiful words, maybe there is no education, maybe work is not decent, maybe …… but she has all of Germany a wife, and a wife when such high Yanping”

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