• Percy:All right. We're entering dangerous territory here with end of the world battles. So from now on, I'll be using codenames. I'm Eagle 1.
  • Percy:Rachel is Been There Done That
  • Rachel:Basically
  • Percy:Annabeth is Currently Doing That
  • Annabeth:*hi-fives*
  • Percy:Piper is It Happened Once In a Dream
  • Piper:*winks*
  • Percy:Jason is If I Had To Pick a Dude
  • Jason:Cool
  • Percy:Frank...you're Eagle 2
  • Frank:Oh, thanks Gods.

do you ever just cry because Blood of Olympus is going to be released in less than three months and it will mark the end of our long journey with percy because I do

141009 whiny Yixing during fan chat event

you guys are too fast ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

our company computer needs to be changed

it is too laggy!

this is really kkaebsong!

this kkaebsong computer… i’m really…

our company has a lot of money but the computer……..

even when he’s complaining, he is still cute. ㅋㅋㅋ


AU where the Argo II is a night club located between two warring gangs, can i get a holla

no jk,  icons suggested by electrospider7813 when I made my Leo one. (btw I fixed Leo so he doesn’t have the puppy ears. I also gave him goggles instead of sunglasses, but if you guys prefer the one I have you can use that too!) Also wanted to thank everyone, I woke up this morning with 8000 followers ;A; i love you all



rough trans: to prioritize friendship over winning the competition