nightrae submitted: Remember how churbooseanon wanted someone to write GFH Theta in trouble?

… I did the thing.


The plan, of course, was a York-and-South original. Their client wanted to bring down a rival in the black market; what better way than mass data deletion, assassination, and general mayhem? (Florida would have been a better fit, but since he’s gone for the next week, Carolina had passed this one to the Twins.) North hadn’t been concerned about those last two—he had one covered and South had the other—but data deletion wasn’t a cut-and-run job. They would be stuck in the makeshift office while they waited for confirmation that the data and its back-ups were gone.

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  • Rachel:Your 'Bake It Off' idea was amazing. I wrote the whole thing before I crashed last night and now I just need to formulate an idea for the video and pitch it to Sebastian and Quinn tomorrow for it to move forward.
  • Rachel:Thank you, you're a lifesaver.

In a world where some of Broadway’s greatest hits constantly turn to the silver screen for more acknowledgment, there still exists your every day fan who doesn’t quite know exactly what all the commotion is with these musicals.

Fortunately, as both a Broadway fanatic and a musical theater graduate, I’m here to help educate some of my lesser knowledgeable coworkers, in a RACHEL BERRY and FINN HUDSON collaboration of: A GUY WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT MUSICALS, EXPLAINS MUSICALS

For this article, I showed Finn a series of images and screencaps relating to various popular musicals and then let him explain it to me. 

The results are under the cut. 

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No One Sings Songs for Sad Black Girls

I was only twelve years old when I first contemplated suicide. With tears laced with my father’s verbal lashings and a crippling self hatred streaming down my face, I emptied a bottle of painkillers into my hand, preparing to swallow them down. My mother walked in, talking me down off the proverbial cliff I had climbed onto and sent me off to school. 

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