“I don’t see why Erebor should be such a suspicious choice of destination. In fact it was only natural, since Gandalf is your friend and mine as well, and I’m hardly a stranger to you.”
Thorin fell silent at that. He saw the melekûn wet his lips, before speaking again.
“Am I?”
“What?” Thorin asked though he knew.
“A stranger - you’ve been treating me like one,” Master Baggins accused. “I believe that I might have displeased you by coming here.”

My Fair Hobbit | Chapter VII - A (Quite Not) Ordinary Dwarf

PREVIEW - Update on June 1st

First time just sitting in Bonfire in ages…

‘Evil Mufassa’ has teamed up with some dogyenas to kill every cub he can see, and now they’re fighting dragons, who came in to rescue a cub in danger. 

Now I know why so many bloggers tend to sit on this little island- it’s pretty entertaining.