zeta tau alpha

Never underestimate the power of being a woman, never underestimate the power of being a Zeta, and never be surprised when greatness is expected of you.
—  Deb Ensor (executive director for Zeta Tau Alpha who passed away from ovarian cancer this weekend)
Answer to Sorority Questions

Hi all! I have so so so many questions in my inbox asking if I am in a sorority at UNC. So now I am here to answer them! I received a bid at the end of last year from Zeta Tau Alpha and I was ready to accept my bid and join the sisterhood yesterday on bid day. I was excited but didn’t want to tell you guys about it until bid day. Well… I’m glad I decided to wait. Yesterday when they called to tell me where to go for bid day I was also casually told that my amazing, loving, precious boyfriend, who I think many of you are familiar with by now, would not be allowed to go to any social functions with me because a member of zeta (his ex girlfriend) has an issue with his presence. I did not have to think twice about my decision. I did not even have to ask myself should I choose the boy that loves me with all of his heart or the sorority that accepts me but with circumstances. This situation was handled very unprofessionally and childish by ZTA at UNC. For this, I am very angry. However, no part of me is upset about what has happened. I know that God has a plan to prosper me. Being part of this sorority was simply not in His plan for me and I am so grateful for His guidance now instead of later when it would be too late. My only hope is that the ex girlfriend does not, in any way, feel like she has won or taken something from me. I am grateful for the way this turned out because what is meant to be will be; therefore, I cannot wait for all of the extra nights I now have to spend with my sweetheart. I had the best year of my life last year without a sorority, found love, found best friends that aren’t in a sorority, and this year I will be just as happy. I hope everyone respects my decision. <3