Zest Books are my new favorite nonfiction publishers, and books like Super Pop! are why. The top ten lists in the book include topics like “Movies Where People Get Exactly What They Deserve” (Django Unchained taking top honors), “Sources of Weird and Wonderful Word Combinations” (Jabberwocky alongside the likes of Juno, The Mighty Boosh and A Clockwork Orange), and my personal favorite “Touchstones for Quirky, Like-Minded People” (Twin Peaks! Freaks and Geeks! Doctor Who!). The lists aren’t comprised of only movies, tv shows, songs and books, but also interesting podcasts and viral videos too. A totally fun read that’s put some cool stuff on my radar! #summerreading #zestbooks #popculture

Book Review: Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects

Book Review: STICKY FINGERS: DIY Duct Tape Projects from @ZestBooks - My how duct tape crafts have changed since I was a teen!

My how duct tape craft projects have changed since I was a teenager. When I was in high school, duct tape came in only one color — silver. And the idea of using it for nontraditional craft projects was still fairly new and had not yet captivated mainstream media. I knew a few friends who made duct tape wallets, but that was about it. I took it upon myself to go a bit further: constructing various…

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Peek Into My Postbox this week includes music, books, DVDs. Amazing selection from @deseretbook @zestbooks @cedarfortbooks @WmMorrowBks @penguinusa @JAFoleyNWSide

Let's Get Busy with Sophie Maletsky

Sophie Maletsky (@Soph_World), author of Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects (@ZestBooks), stops by to talk about crafting awesome things from duct tape, finding inspiration from every kid you work with, and how making things easy-to-follow is a very complex and drawn out process.

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47 Things You Can Do For the Environment by Lexi Petronis with environmental consultant Jill Buck, found of Go Green Initiative. ISBN 978-0-9827322-1-2

You know the planet is in trouble. Everywhere you go, people are talking about how air pollution is causing the earth’s climate to change, how logging and oil-drilling are ruining natural habitats, and how trash is overflowing into our waterways. It’s a bit of a mess. But the question is: What can you do about it?

The good news is: a lot! Don’t worry—you don’t have to build a car that runs on vegetable oil or head to South America to save the rainforests to make a difference. You just have to get informed and make small changes. Decisions to shop, drive, and party differently can greatly benefit the earth’s health.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • host a “green” film festivalplan an environmentally friendly
  • dateshop vintage, local, and organic
  • create an environmental task force
  • recycle or reuse just about everything

Today’s teens will inherit the planet. If real change is going to happen, it has to start with you.

Learn more at http://www.zestbooks.net/

Start It Up: The Complete Teen Business Guide to Turning Your Passions Into Pay

by Kenrya Rankin

A lively and comprehensive read, this guide, written by business journalist Kenrya Rankin, tells teens how to start and structure a company, make it legitimate, market a product, make money, and benefit society. Whatever your business—math tutoring, dog-walking, website design, photography, or house-painting— Start It Up can help you turn your dreams into dollars.

  • Teen Nonfiction
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Zest Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9819733-5-7

This ultimate party-planning book for teens includes 87 ideas for great bashes. From an Anti–Valentine’s Day soiree, to a Haunted House party, Mardi Gras fiesta, and Season Finale get-together, entries contain sections on party preparation, food, music, activities, photo stations, and more.

Learn more at http://zestbooks.net/

Product Details

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0981973396
  • ISBN-13: 9780981973395

Classic Hollywood stars cement signature looks that current celebrities continue to rock on the red carpet, in the clubs, and for the camera.  From Lauren Bacall’s lush lips to Grace Jones’ space age eye shadow, these looks are now made accessible to teens in The Look Book (May 2011; Zest Books; $18.99; 128 pages; four-color illustrations; paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0-9819733-8-8), an illustrated hair and makeup how-to, as well as a comprehensive celebrity beauty trend encyclopedia.

 THE LOOK BOOK includes:

·      Background and quotes from each highlighted celebrity icon and a photo that exemplifies her look

·      Illustrated step-by-step instructions that include what tools are needed to achieve each look and how long it will take

·      Professional tips from celebrity make-up artist Cameron Cohen and celebrity hair stylist Christopher Fulton that personalize or enhance each look

Other icons in The Look Book include Clara Bow (Cupid’s Bow Lips), Elizabeth Taylor (Cleopatra Eyes), Greta Garbo (Thin, Arched Brows), Coco Chanel (Bronzed Face), Debbie Harry (Defined Cheekbones) and Jane Fonda (Shag Hair).

This book includes 50 juicy pop culture, political, and entertainment-related scandals from the 20th century. Each item has a great photo of the person or event, a synopsis of what happened, the reasons why it went down in history, epilogues to the event, famous quotes, and ways in which the scandal continues to influence us today.

Teens will get the dish on

·       Milli Vanilli’s lip-syncing

·       the Clinton-Lewinsky affair

·       the Biggie and Tupac murders

·       the Kent State shooting

·       the OJ Simpson Murder trial

·       Patty Hearst’s kidnapping

Conceptually similar to VH1’s I Love the 70s, I Love the 80s, and I Love the 90s series, this book will surely capture the attention of any teen who loves a good scandal.

How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity (and a Prom Date): Lousy Life Lessons from 50 Teen Movies by Nikki Roddy. ISBN 978-0-9827322-2-9

Teen movies are awesome. Where else can we see the nerdy girl end up with the hot school president, the arrogant jerk accidentally fall in love with the girl he’s been lying to, or the underdog beat up the school jock and then attain top dog status?

We love teen movies because they make us laugh and cry, but what are these movies really teaching us about life? How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity (and a Prom Date) points out the unrealistic, yet hilarious lessons you can learn from big-screen blockbusters.

Learn more at http://www.zestbooks.net/