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  • Naga Tag, Kac Hooyaa
  • Libaaxyada Maaweeliska Banaadir
  • Xidigtii Is Xujeysay

Old is truly gold! I found this song on Likembe - Banadiri songs go from zero to a hundred real quick with the tempo change! This song is called ‘Naga tag! Kac! Hooyaa?’ meaning ‘Get lost! Rise up! Got it?’. From what I found out this song is from the mid 80’s- it was composed during the years people began to become dissatisfied with Siad Barre’s regime. Her voice is so soothing and I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did (got it on replay). :)

Addition & Subtraction

Four bottles of alcohol:
A 70 proof bottle of Whiskey,
A 70 proof bottle of Rum,
A 70 proof bottle of Schnapps,
& lastly an 80 proof bottle of Vodka.

Now, at 5’5”,
It will not take much alcohol to shut me down.
Let’s use Everclear as the base comparison.
Everclear has a common proof of 200,
Meaning most people my height,
Can take close to eight shots of typical one ounce glasses,
If they’re lucky,
Before they die of poisoning.

So let’s add it up:
4 bottles,
All of which are over 50,
We already know we’ve got at least 200,
But there’s a remainder.
How much?
Well, 7 x 3 gives us 21.
Add the zero for the hundreds place,
And you’ve got 210 with an additional 80,
Giving us a total of 290 proof alcohol.
(When taken all at once, of course.)

That is nearly 50% more of what would be fatal in 8 or 6 shots.
With some rough estimation,
I’d give it around five shots,
Carefully mixing it all together,
And distributing equally,
Before the mix shuts the body down.

Someone will probably think,
I’m writing too desensitized about this,
But at the end of the day,
It’s all just basic math,
A subject I never excelled at until
I wanted to know something
& I’ve put a lot of thought into this,
Probably too much for what amounts,
To basic addition and subtraction.

anonymous said:


i literally shut the fuck down i went from zero a hundred real quick