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ZERBY “Ready Now” (by EYEWEWPE)

I am a West Indian trying to make it in the reggae scene (reggae, not dancehall) and when I see white people appropriating our music I get miffed. Especially when they have NO talent for it and can’t even speak Patwa properly. This woman is from Midwest America and she thinks because she lived in Jamaica for 5 seconds she can have a dancehall career? NO. And on top of that she is TERRIBLE. WHY?! I already know that Black people have to work 10x harder to even get into the dancehall scene an be played on the radio. This pisses me off. And it sucks. 

hi there :3

I was almost hoping that the message would be from Walker but it’s cool that its you brahh.

Man fucking crushes ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH

idk who told me telling my crush takes some of the pressure off but it dIDNT WORK MY CRUSH GOT WORSSSSSE.

like, when i told him that i loked him he said he liked me bc reasons and like idk anymore i could always ask but im sacred to know the answer……kjsdnhiuj

like really.

also can we talk baout how fucking adorable Josh Zerby is like :3

also Emily (the drum major) is really rEALLY FUVCKONG HOT UGHHH 

like damnnn and the trombones group hugged me today in sectionals and like /)(^3^)(\ 

like i love the trombone section so much hgghhglike the upperclass trombones are the bomb diggity.
holy crap i turned on italics with my computer and i cant turn it off sgajojtROMBONES ARELIFE<3

Tú sí que vales: Belen Rodriguez e Francesco Sole alla conduzione

Tú sí que vales: Belen Rodriguez e Francesco Sole alla conduzione

Cominciano a trapelare alcune certezze su Tú sí que vales, il nuovo talent show del sabato sera di Canale 5 che vedrà in giuria il trio delle meraviglie composto da Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi e un quarto giudice misterioso. Finalmente abbiamo i nomi dei conduttori…  (more…)

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