raserus asked:

½- Is your character seeing anyone?

Arkaluu is not seeing anybody, no. He’s not really interested in any romantic relationships given his history of being used or abused for his position of power or money. 

His last relationship ended when the woman he was close to just started flat out dating someone else without telling him, sending a letter - anything. His busy lifestyle had made the two of them that distant at the end. 

He’s currently very close with his friend / fellow bookworm Zepsi, but both really are too busy and reluctant to enter a romantic relationship. He’s also fairly close with Faetrix, though that RP was time-shenanigan’d - but it should be canon in a few days when Arkaluu crosses into Draenor. 

So… I’m posting this very late… I should have been in bed hours ago. But I realized: “Durrr, I haven’t drawn Zepsi in awhile” and was stupid and stayed up.

I dunno how many people are up, being almost 3am EST. So I’ll reblog this sketch again sometime tomorrow… when it’s much earlier. 

So this isn’t anything too fancy… just tried to do a quickish sketch thingy of my Goblin, Zepsi Kola. May try work on it more later and add color and what not. We’ll see.

Time to pass out now. *flops away*

Decided to post a WIP sketch that I’d actually like to try and get a lot of detail on eventually. I haven’t drawn Zepsi in awhile, soooo I wanted to try to give that a go. I also wanted to design an outfit/armor for her when she’s being more “magey” than srs bzness woman. Still working on it and I’m still changing things. We’ll see how it turns out later.

HAAAAA! I’m finally done. ;-; I started to get lazy at the end, so sorry for any “bleh”-ness of it. But there you go. Here’s my holiday themed piece for Zepsi. Art by me. My character, Zepsi. So you guys, have you been naughty or nice?… Or both? :D   (Will also have this up on my DA page: digiartlink.deviantart.com)

So, someone say Goblins in Lingerie? Finally managed to do something I sort of like for my character, Zepsi.

I’ve been in a not-so-great mood for various reasons for the past few weeks, and it only worsened recently. And with that, an art block.. or art dam. But I’m glad I managed to finally at least squeeze this out, somewhat decent. Nothing too detailed, fancy, shaded, bleh, bleh, but yeah, yay for at least something.

… Well… I’m giving up on this… XD I put a bit too much effort into than I should of for an ask. Too lazy and tired to put more effort/time.

I reblogged an art prompt earlier asking for a costume of some sort from almost any comic/show/game/etc. I got asked a few, did this first. Black Cat from Marvel for Zepsi. Never done.. uh… latex, before. So fur and latex thingy I gave up on. XD ADD is kicking in. 

So there ya go! I’ll work on the others tomorrow.

Soooo. Art by me. Nothing too fancy. But more effort than the other one. d-dinosaur asked to draw Ninwyn sleeping.

I did Zepsi in the swimwear already, and now done with this! Ninwyn is my Gnome “Paladin” who is a mother of twin toddlers, who will be turning three years old in June (time sure does fly x_x). Thought I’d draw her taking a nap with her kids, Lily and Lennox. So there ya’ go. :3 Thanks for the ask again, D-Dinosaur! — And the proportions aren’t super accurate… but Gnome limbs are hard to draw. XD

Howdy folks. Art by me. I finally finished my western themed art of Zepsi (my Goblin character on World of Warcraft), lagging behind everyone else. >.> But it’s finished. So yaaay. As you can tell from my other artses, I like… hardly ever do backgrounds. Ever. So this background isn’t great and it’s not detailed, but I’m still pretty happy with it. Overall I like it pretty well, hope you all do too. ^-^

DA Link: http://fav.me/d71o72c